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////Adding Title Slides to Your Lightroom Slideshow

Adding Title Slides to Your Lightroom Slideshow

By default your Lightroom slideshow doesn’t have title slides — it starts with your first picture and ends with your last.  However, you can use the Titles Panel on the right side of the Slide Show module to add beginning and ending text slides.

Here are examples of beginning and ending slides (black borders not included):






Here’s how to make your own:

lightroom titles panel slideshow

1. Put a check to the left of Intro Screen to turn it on.

2. Click in the color square to choose a background color for the slide.  Close the color picker box.

3. Check Add Identity Plate.

4. Click in the big text box, choose Edit…, and type a title in the white box. After you type it, click and drag to select the text (or Ctl/Cmd-A to select all), and change the font. It is not important to select a size and color here, though you may do so.


If you want to be able to use this title in other slide shows or other places that identity plates are used, click where it says Custom, choose Save As, and give it a name.  Close the dialog.

5. Back in the Titles panel, to change the text color, check Override Color, and

6. Click in the color square to change the text color. Close the color picker box.

7. To change the text size, slide the Scale slider.

Repeat with the Ending Screen.  If you want to use the same colors, you will click on the color square that you want to change, then click  hold-and -drag from inside the color box out to the color you want to borrow from. For example, to use the same color background on the Ending Screen slide as on the Intro Screen slide, in the screen shot below,


1. Click on the Ending Slide color square

2. Click-hold-and-drag from the main color picker box out to (3) the Introduction Slide color square to sample it.

That’s it!  In my next post I will explain how you can also add title slides in between sections in your slideshow.

Update: As Mike has commented on below, the identity plate in step# 4 above only allows one line of text. If you want multiple lines and you are on a Mac, you can create the multiple lines in Word or other editor on the Mac, then copy and paste the lines into the identity plate in step #4 above.

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One Comment

  1. Mike Nelson Pedde December 5, 2011 at 1:25 pm - Reply

    Hi Laura: While the font and colour options for Lightroom’s text identity plates are somewhat limited, what you can do is to design your title in a program like MS Word for example and then copy and paste the text into the Identity Plate window in Lightroom and it will paste with all of the formatting attached.

    Mike (

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