Feb 042013

Lightroom Book ModuleI haven’t written many tutorials about Lightroom 4’s Book module on this blog, so I thought I’d share a video tutorial on some basic  skills: swapping and replacing photos,  usage badges,  adding more photos to your book collection, removing photos,  selecting and moving one or more pages, adding and removing pages, zooming a photo to fill, and a discussion of resolution.  This is the 5th of 14 videos (3 hours) on the Book module from my Lightroom 4: Producing Great Output series.

For better quality, once you hit Play, click on the sprocket wheel in the bottom right and choose 720/HD.

Find out more about Lightroom 4 Producing Great Output here.

Nov 052012

Lightroom output module overview videoIn this video tutorial, I give you an overview of Lightroom’s output modules, to give you an idea of what you can do with each. This is video #2 in my 12 hour series of 55 videos, Lightroom 4: Producing Great Output (A Workshop on Video) , available on DVD or by download. The series goes into detail on how to use each of the output modules, and also covers critical output concepts, such as monitor calibration and other color management topics, size and resolution, output sharpening, and much more.

For higher quality, after you click on the Play button, click on the sprocket wheel symbol in the bottom right and choose 720 HD.

Read more about Producing Great Output – A Workshop on Video.

Aug 162012

As you may know at this point, having the understanding and skills to be able to manage your photos and folders in Lightroom is absolutely critical — the absence of these skills and the consequences that result lead many users to consider giving up on Lightroom. I recommend watching this video instead!

In this video I show you how to reveal your folder structure in the Folders panel, move, rename and delete folders; rearrange, move and delete photos; prevent and resolve those frustrating question marks that occur when you do this work outside of Lightroom; and what can go wrong as you attempt these tasks. Finally, I show you how you can have Lightroom check your hard drive for photos you haven’t yet imported.  This video is recorded with Lightroom 4, but is applicable to Lightroom 2, 3, 5, CC and 6 as well. Admittedly, the video is longer than I would like (26 min), so feel free to watch part of it, and come back for the rest.

Update: This video was recorded with Lightroom 4. Note that where I refer to “question marks on photos”, the Lightroom 5 and CC/6 symbol has changed to an exclamation mark.

This video is just one in a series of 55 from my Lightroom 4: The Fundamentals & Beyond Workshop on Video series – do check it out! Update: here’s the 6/CC version.

For higher quality, once you hit the play button, click on the sprocket wheel in the bottom right and choose 720. (The video series for sale is of much higher quality.)

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Mar 082012

Lightroom is a fabulous program, but it can be daunting. Here are a few resources to get you started with getting your photos and videos into Lightroom.

1. An article on how Lightroom works with a catalog and what importing really means.

2. Two Videos from my Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4: The Fundamentals and Beyond – Workshop on Video series (of 10 1/2 hours of training on 55 videos) on importing photos and videos — i.e. getting Lightroom to see them:

    • The first covers importing photos already on your hard drive, as well as other import basics, such as setting up a copyright and contact information preset. (Do watch this one first, as I cover Import basics that the second video assumes you know).
    • The second covers importing photos still on memory cards, copying them to exactly where you want to on your hard drive, assigning keywords, and setting up an Import preset.
    • These lessons apply to Lightroom 3, 4, 5, and 6 (though not the 6.2.1 update, released in October, 2015.)

I would recommend not skipping the article! These concepts are covered in earlier videos in my series.

To watch the videos at higher resolution, click on the little wheel/sprocket symbol in the bottom right of each video, and increase the quality to HD.  (Note that in my product, all are at higher resolution – 1024×768, and are not blurry!)


Jan 192012

Do any of these happen to you?

  • You have to crop a photo, perhaps because it isn’t straight or you applied lens corrections, but the crop cuts out something you really need?
  • Something in your photo is right on the edge of the photo, and needs to be moved up a bit?
  • You need to fix two things that are really close to each other, and the spot removal tool won’t let you?

If so, you will want to watch my 5 minute video here showing some cool tips for using the Lightroom spot removal tool.  They won’t always work, but when they do they are quite handy. These tips apply to all version of Lightroom, and to Camera Raw as well.

I find that the more I challenge the spot removal tool, the more I discover that it can do for me.  Yes, it still has its limits, but it is much more powerful than it initially appears!

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Jan 162012

lightroom-4-beta-webinar-screenshotIn this 65 minute video from my January 11 Lightroom 4 Beta webinar, I give you a tour of the new features, and explain the basics of how to use them.

I wish the audio quality were better, but it is what it is — rest assured that my Lightroom DVD products have higher quality audio and video.

For even more details, check out my new Lightroom 4 Fundamentals & Beyond Workshop on Video, available as soon as Lightroom 4 releases.

Table of Contents (also shown on video web page with start times)

1. Introduction

2. Develop Changes

3. Map Module

4. Book Module

5. Saving Output – Book, Print, Slideshow, Web

6. Video Editing and Exporting

7. Integrated Email/Webmail

8. DNG Raw File Enhancements

9. More on Conversion from Develop Process Version 2010 to 2012

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