Aug 122012

I’m very happy to announce that I have finished this new video tutorial series, on producing great output with Lightroom 4!  For those of you who have been waiting, I appreciate your patience.  My goal with this series is not only to teach you the how-to of the Book, Slideshow, Print and Web modules, but also to give you a strong foundation in output concepts that are critical to your success in producing high quality consistent output.

Lightroom 4: Producing Great OutputLightroom 4: Producing Great Output

Almost  12 hours of training on 55 videos, for Mac and PC (and iPad compatible!)

Section                                                 # Videos              Duration (h:m)
Introduction                                               2                                    0:13
Output Concepts                                       9                                    2:28
Getting Started                                          2                                    0:22
Book                                                         14                                   2:54
Slideshow                                                  7                                    1:40
Print                                                          13                                   2:34
Web                                                            8                                   1:35


While I recommend that you purchase the whole series, you can choose to purchase just Book or Print (both of which include the Introduction, Output Concepts and Getting Started sections.)

Note that other than the Book module portion and the section on soft-proofing in the Develop module, this series is also applicable to Lightroom 3.

Between Lightroom 4: The Fundamentals & Beyond, and now Lightroom 4: Producing Great Output, you can now get over 22 hours of high quality training on all the modules of Lightroom! And if you purchase both together, you can save 10%!

Click here for more information and to purchase.



Dec 062011

section-title-lightroomAs I wrote in my last post, you can add beginning and ending title slides to your Lightroom slideshows by using the Intro Screen and Ending Screens in the Titles panel.    But what if your slideshow has different sections, and you want a title slide introducing each section? It’s not as straightforward as perhaps it could be, but  as long as you are o.k. with a white or black background for these slides, it can all be done in Lightroom. Here’s how:

1.  Create a virtual copy of any photo in the folder or collection you are going to use for the slideshow.

Right-click on the photo, and choose Create Virtual Copy.

2. Turn the virtual copy white or black.  

To turn it white, in the Develop module start by increasing Exposure and Brightness all the way to the right, and reducing Blacks and Fill Light to zero.  Then, using the adjustment brush, set Exposure and Whites all the way to the right and with a huge brush paint the whole photo.  If it still isn’t white, click on “New” at the top of the adjustment brush panel, and repeat the settings and painting.  Do this as many times as necessary.  (You can also do this with the graduated filter, as I described in my post on Adding More.)

To turn the photo black instead, go with negative Exposure and Brightness, and +100 Blacks. Continue reading »

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