Dec 032012

Restore Lightroom Missing PanelAbout once a week I get an email from a Lightroom user who has lost a panel … most panels can go missing, but in my experience people seem to lose their Catalog panel in the Library module more than any other. To recover your missing panel, right-click (Ctl-click on a Mac) on the name of an existing panel in the same strip, and choose the panel you are missing, from the drop-down that appears.

In this example, my Catalog panel is missing. I right-clicked on Folders to get the menu. I would then select Catalog, and the panel would appear.


Note that there are some panels that are not optional, and therefore you cannot right-click on them to restore your missing one. These are:

  • Navigator and Histogram in Library and Develop
  • Navigator in Map
  • Preview in Book, Slideshow, Print and Web

In this menu that appears that you can also choose:

  • Show or Hide All. (If you’re not sure what you are missing Show All would be a good choice to make sure you have everything.)
  • Solo Mode: when enabled, if you expand one panel, any others open will collapse.
  • Expand All and Collapse All

Thank you to Stephano B. for this blog post idea.

Feb 062012

Lightroom can really make your life easier, if you know how to ask it to. Here are a few tips for finding things or getting places quickly:

  1. You’re working with a photo or folder in Lightroom, but need to go out and view it in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. Lightroom can get you there — Right-Click (Ctl-Click on a one button mouse) on the photo or folder, and choose Show in Explorer/Finder. Lightroom will launch an Explorer or Finder window, with the photo or folder selected.
  2. In Lightroom, you finally found the photo you have been looking for, by scrolling through your catalog or doing a filter. But where does this photo live — what folder is it in?  Lightroom can get you there.  Right-Click on your photo (Ctl-Click on a one button mouse), and choose Go to Folder in Library.  Lightroom will jump to that folder in the Folders panel.
  3. If instead of going to the folder, you want to jump to a collection the photo is in, choose Go to Collections, and choose the collection from the list. (There won’t be a list if the photo isn’t in any collections).

Photo Right-Click Options


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