Mar 302016

Google Nik Plugins Now FreeGoogle announced recently that it is making all seven of its popular and powerful Nik plugins available for free! I haven’t tried them all, but I love their U-Point technology for making local corrections, and I was really impressed by how I could easily produce stunning black and whites with Silver Effects Pro (that I didn’t have the experience to imagine beforehand.)

Rather than list all the plugins here and what they are for, I’ll send you to this Nik plugins page. If your plugins don’t appear in Lightroom after installation, visit this troubleshooting page.

It appears from Google’s statement that they will be focusing on mobile applications going forward – so don’t count on  future support for or development of these desktop plugins.

Update: if you’re looking for training on using Nik plugins, Tim Grey has a free video course.

Update: I am not a Nik expert and can’t provide troubleshooting help. Please check the troubleshooting section of the Nik site, or post in one of the Lightroom or Photoshop forums.

Dec 152014
Duplicate Finder PluginIn this video, I show you how I use Jim Keier’s great Lightroom Duplicate Finder plugin to find and eliminate duplicate photos. I show you my workflow, give you tips and tricks along the way, and I show you the Lightroom skills you need to get the most from the tool.
For best quality, hit Play, then click on the Youtube sprocket wheel in the bottom right and choose 720/HD.

Table of Contents:

0:00 Introduction
1:07 How to First Back Up Your Catalog
2:06 Running Duplicate Finder
3:05 The Duplicates Smart Collections
5:30 Deleting Duplicates Directly from Folders
6:22 Flagging Duplicates for Deletion
9:48 Filtering to See Just Your Flagged Photos, Deleting

Jim Keier’s manual with installation instructions, and full plugin instructions

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