Dec 132010

In case you haven’t already updated, be sure to go to Help>Check for Updates within Lightroom and Bridge or Photoshop to download and install these free updates.   I haven’t kicked the tires sufficiently yet, but I am excited about the Lightroom 3.3 update because I have experienced agonizing performance issues with certain aspects of 3.2, particularly with the spot removal tool. Continue reading »

Sep 182010

I like a lot of the new features for photographers in Photoshop CS5, but now that I have been using it for a while, I notice there are two that just continue to warm my heart.

The first one may seem minor, but if you have used old versions where this feature wasn’t present, then you are probably really appreciating it as well.  It used to be that if you had a 16 bit file, and went to save a jpeg, the jpeg file option was not available.  You would have to cancel the save dialog, convert the file to 8 bit, and then go back into the save dialog.  Now, if the file is 16 bit, the jpeg save option is available, and Photoshop automatically converts the file to 8 bit.  Brilliant!

The second feature that I become more and more impressed with is content-aware fill. Continue reading »

May 132010

For 10 days starting today, talented Photoshop instructor Mark Johnson presents videos on new features in Photoshop CS5. See today’s excellent video on content aware fill and content aware spot healing. If you can’t tune in each day to watch the video for freee, you can buy the whole set of 10 videos for $9.95 — a great deal.

Click HERE to watch.

Apr 272010

Tom Hogarty at Adobe demonstrates in IN THIS VIDEO the new lens correction features coming to Camera Raw 6, which ships with Photoshop CS5, and Lightroom 3.   This includes vertical and horizontal transformations to correct perspective lines, as well as profiles that automatically correct lens issues – chromatic aberration, pin cushion, barrel and wave distortions and vignetting.  Hooray!  These additions, in addition to the new very impressive noise reduction, make me much more excited about Lightroom 3 than I was when the first beta came out last October … it was worth the wait.   No news yet on when it will be released.

When it is available, we will be able to easily fix issues like these without going to Photoshop: Continue reading »

Apr 122010

Adobe gave us a glimpse of  CS5 this morning.   The full price is $699.  Users with CS2, CS3 and CS4 will be eligible for $199 upgrade pricing.  The product is expected to ship mid-May.

Click HERE for a summary of what is new.

And click HERE for some videos.

I haven’t digested everything, but so far I am particularly excited about content-aware fill, improved selections,  and creative HDR functionality.  For Camera Raw users who don’t use Lightroom, the much improved noise reduction in Camera Raw is impressive as well.

Mar 242010

Adobe announced today that on April 12 it will reveal in a live online event what is new in Photoshop CS5.  You can register for the event HERE.  They have not announced an actual release date for the software yet.

Since I am more focused on Lightroom these days, my initial reaction is “already”?   CS4 is already a great application.  However, if CS5 has content aware healing and fill as demonstrated last fall by Adobe’s research team, I’ll be more than happy to buy the upgrade.  Click HERE for my post and the video on content aware heal and fill.

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