Jun 032014

Lightroom Catalog PanelI get this question frequently, or more specifically,  how to move photos from Previous Import or All Photographs, which are entries in the Catalog panel.  Your photos actually never reside in the Catalog panel – they reside instead in folders, which are displayed in the Folders panel. Therefore it is not meaningful to “move photos from the Catalog panel.”

Lightroom Catalog PanelThe Catalog panel simply has shortcuts to various groups of these same photos, for your convenience:

  • All Photographs: every photo in your Lightroom catalog (in every folder)
  • Current or Previous Import: photos you last imported
  • Quick Collection: a temporary collection of photos
  • Other entries: based on tasks that you have performed, such as exporting photos into a new catalog, importing from another catalog, finding missing photos, etc.

If you have an entry in the Catalog panel selected and want to get to the folder that one of the photos displayed resides in, right-click in the photo and choose Go to Folder in Library. Lightroom will jump to that folder, and it will be highlighted in the Folders panel.


Feb 062012

Lightroom can really make your life easier, if you know how to ask it to. Here are a few tips for finding things or getting places quickly:

  1. You’re working with a photo or folder in Lightroom, but need to go out and view it in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. Lightroom can get you there — Right-Click (Ctl-Click on a one button mouse) on the photo or folder, and choose Show in Explorer/Finder. Lightroom will launch an Explorer or Finder window, with the photo or folder selected.
  2. In Lightroom, you finally found the photo you have been looking for, by scrolling through your catalog or doing a filter. But where does this photo live — what folder is it in?  Lightroom can get you there.  Right-Click on your photo (Ctl-Click on a one button mouse), and choose Go to Folder in Library.  Lightroom will jump to that folder in the Folders panel.
  3. If instead of going to the folder, you want to jump to a collection the photo is in, choose Go to Collections, and choose the collection from the list. (There won’t be a list if the photo isn’t in any collections).

Photo Right-Click Options


Nov 092011

Newer users often don’t realize that the Folders panel in the Lightroom Library module can be used to rearrange your photos and folders.  Below are some tips for using it.  Note that whatever you do with this panel is in fact affecting your hard drive — you are just doing the work from within Lightroom.  If you do this work outside of Lightroom with Finder or Explorer, Lightroom will lose its connection to your photos, and you will end up with question marks everywhere.


Using Lightroom’s Folders Panel:
  • Before you can move things around, you need to be able to see your folder hierarchy.  For example, if you can’t see that your 2011 folder lives within Pictures, right-click on 2011 and choose Add Parent folder, to reveal Pictures. Continue reading »
Apr 062009

A lot of people have a hard time understanding where their images are in the Lightroom environment, what the catalog is, and how it all fits together.  This is completely understandable, as the terminology is confusing.

Think of a public library — you have stacks and stacks of books everywhere — the main floor, 2nd floor, 3rd, …., in the basement, and even offsite.   And you have the centrally-located card catalog (or web catalog), which helps you find and make sense of those books.  The catalog has an entry for each book, with its location in the stacks, what the book is about, copyright and publication  information, a picture of the front cover, etc, etc.    When you want to work with books,  you don’t go to the stacks and walk along them until you find what you want — you go to the catalog.  Furthermore, if you put a paperback that you bought at the grocery store in the stacks, it is as if it is not there — it is not accessible to people until the librarian creates an entry in the catalog for it. Continue reading »

Nov 222008

I thought I would address this commonly encountered issue as I am learning to do videos. Sorry it is a little repetitive, they will get better. Bottom line if you don’t have time to watch the video: make sure you are in a bottom-level folder, and also that you are not in a smart collection. watch video

If you have any issues watching this video, please shoot me an email — I would appreciate hearing so I can make future videos better.

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