Oct 182011

Ever loved a photo you took, but threw it away because it was blurry due to camera shake?  Well, stop doing that!!

Adobe demonstrated its new Photoshop technology for removing camera-shake blur from photos at Adobe Max 2011.  Will this make it into Photoshop CS6?  I have absolutely no idea.  They even qualify this by saying that it may or may not make it into a future version.   All I know that when they started demonstrating Content Aware Fill, it made it into the next Photoshop version.

Adobe demonstrates Photoshop image deblurring

Every time I start to think that it may be time to stop upgrading Photoshop, something mind-blowing comes along.

Here’s the Adobe video of this exciting image deblurring technology.

Here’s another cool demo, particularly for those who hate to keyword: new technology that searches for similar photos based on content.

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