Jun 032014

Lightroom Catalog PanelI get this question frequently, or more specifically,  how to move photos from Previous Import or All Photographs, which are entries in the Catalog panel.  Your photos actually never reside in the Catalog panel – they reside instead in folders, which are displayed in the Folders panel. Therefore it is not meaningful to “move photos from the Catalog panel.”

Lightroom Catalog PanelThe Catalog panel simply has shortcuts to various groups of these same photos, for your convenience:

  • All Photographs: every photo in your Lightroom catalog (in every folder)
  • Current or Previous Import: photos you last imported
  • Quick Collection: a temporary collection of photos
  • Other entries: based on tasks that you have performed, such as exporting photos into a new catalog, importing from another catalog, finding missing photos, etc.

If you have an entry in the Catalog panel selected and want to get to the folder that one of the photos displayed resides in, right-click in the photo and choose Go to Folder in Library. Lightroom will jump to that folder, and it will be highlighted in the Folders panel.


Jan 012014
Sometimes it’s handy to be able to see two or more folders of photos together in Lightroom when you are in Grid View (G) in the Library Module. This is simply a matter of using the Folders panel to select more than one folder. If the folders are all next to each other, click on the first, then Shift-Click on the last. If they are not, click on the first, then Ctrl/Cmd-Click on each of the others.
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Nov 292011

Are your folders in Lightroom a mess because you don’t know how to take charge of where Lightroom puts them?  Are you not sure where they are going?  Do you have date folders that are meaningless to you because you don’t remember what you shot on any given date?  If you answered yes to any of these, you are not alone — they are very common issues.

To learn how to take charge of the Import dialog and avoid frustrations, read my guest post over at mcpactions.com on setting up the Lightroom Import dialog so that your folders are neatly organized.

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Jul 292009

Just a quick tip today — it is 92 in my office and 103 outside —  the hottest day in recorded Seattle history.  (I realize that this is nothing for some of you!)

My folders are arranged in a hierarchy —  Picturesyearshoot, with ocassional subfolders within a shoot.  By default the Lightroom folder panel shows an image count for the parent folder, plus all subfolders within it.  And if you click on the folder you see all of the images in that folder and its subfolders.   In the snapshot below, I have a total of  1866 images from 2008.   Most live in shoot subfolders (only a partial list is shown.)

Default View: Show Photos in Subfolders

Default View: Show Photos in Subfolders

If I click on the 2008 folder, I see all 1866 images, regardless of what subfolder they live in.

This is usually exactly what I want, but occasionally I want to see just images that live in the parent folder, and NOT in the subfolder.   Continue reading »

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