Apr 122012

Starting with Lightroom 4, you can email photos directly from Lightroom rather than having to export jpegs to your hard drive, and then outside of Lightroom, attach them to your email.  It has some limitations that I’ll discuss, but I find that it often saves me a lot of time.  Instructions in this article apply to Lightroom 5, CC and 6 as well as 4.

Select one or more photos that you want to email, from the filmstrip in any module in Lightroom or from the grid in the Library module, then right-click inside one of the selected photos and choose Email Photos. Lightroom can use the email program (“client”) on your computer, such as Outlook or Mac Mail, or any web email service, such as Gmail or AOL.  You will choose one or the other in the From: dropdown in the Email dialog that opens.

Emailing Using An Email Program/Client on Your Computer

Your email program (if you have one) should be one of the choices in the From: dropdown in the Email dialog (I have Outlook). Once you choose this, your dialog should look like mine here:

Figure 1: Email from an Email Client, such as Outlook or Mac Mail

You can type in one or more addresses in the To: field, add cc’s and bcc’s by clicking on the buttons in the top right to reveal those boxes, and you can click on Address to add addresses to Lightroom’s address book.  Next, you would type in a Subject, and choose one of the photo size Presets from the dropdown in the bottom left. Continue reading »

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