Feb 282016

Lightroom tutorial: crop many photos quicklySometimes when you’re preparing your photos for output, whether for print or for your website, you need all of them to be the same aspect ratio, such as 8×10, 5×7 or square. In my latest video tutorial below, learn how to crop them all to the same aspect ratio quickly.


In a nutshell:

  • In Grid view in the Library module, select all your photos and use the Quick Develop panel to set the crop ratio
  • Select your first photo and type R to jump to the crop tool in the Develop module
  • Refine the crop to your liking
  • Hold down the Ctl/Cmd key as you hit the right arrow key to jump to the next photo and do the same. This method of moving from one photo to the next doesn’t require that you close the crop tool after each one.

Watch my three minute video tutorial below for all the details. (For best quality, after you hit Play, click on the sprocket wheel in the bottom right and choose 720/HD.)

Sep 112009

In Lightroom you can restrict your crops to be a specific aspect ratio, such as 5×7, 8×10, or the same aspect ratio as your original.  To do so, select the crop tool from the toolbar (R), click on the double up/down arrow next to the padlock to reveal the aspect menu, and choose your desired proportions.  If what you want isn’t listed, choose Enter Custom…, and specify.  Selecting “Original” will constrain any crop you do to the same proportions as the original.

Cropping Proportionally

Now you can drag inward the edges or corners of the crop frame to adjust your crop.  To move your crop, click in the center of the crop frame and drag the image to reposition within the frame. Continue reading »

May 252009

You may have noticed that once you specify a crop in Lightroom and then try to move the crop frame, that it goes in the opposite direction from what you expect.  Instead of thinking of yourself clicking and dragging inside the crop frame  to move the crop frame, think of yourself as clicking and dragging inside the crop frame to move the photograph.   Once you adjust your thinking, you will find that it performs exactly as expected.

Define initial crop

Define initial crop

Clicked and dragged to the right to move photograph

Clicked and dragged to the right to move photograph

Apr 082009

Need to produce a print of a specific size, like 5″x7″?  These are most likely not the proportions of your original image, so somewhere in your workflow you will need to crop the image to these proportions.

You could use the crop overlay tool in the Develop module to get the proportions and then go to the Print module to print, but I like this alternative better:

In the Print module:

  • Turn on Zoom to Fill and Rotate to Fit in Image Settings
  • In Layout, set the Cell Size to 5″x7″.    If your image is of different proportions, part of the image now necessarily doesn’t show and won’t print.
  • Click inside your image and drag to specify what part of your image you want to print.  (This is the part I love!)
  • Now print as usual.
Feb 092009

When I don’t take the time to use a tripod, my horizons are often not straight.  Here’s an example:

Crooked Horizon

Crooked Horizon

To fix this in Lightroom, in the Develop Module tool drawer underneath the histogram, click on the Crop Overlay tool (R).    Crop options appear beneath it, and a grid is placed over your image. Continue reading »

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