Feb 072013

Craft & Vision Photograph MagazineI have to confess that I don’t read many photography magazines. It’s not that I don’t enjoy them, it’s simply that I don’t often have the mental bandwidth for them. Whether this is due to age (I’m not telling) or just information overload, I find that I have to be selective in what I pick up. Nevertheless when I heard about  Craft & Vision’s new magazine, Photograph A Digital Quarterly Magazine for Creative Photographers, I was eager to check it out  because my experiences with Craft & Vision’s publications have been very positive.

The magazine is available for download as a PDF and costs $8 (or $6 an issue with a subscription). The current issue (#2) has 122 pages — and is completely ad-free!

Bottom line, the magazine was a pleasure to read. For me personally it has a wonderful balance — it nurtured and encouraged my (blocked) creative muse, gave me some new ideas to try, gave me a better appreciation and awareness for what makes a good photograph (in capture, post-processing and print), and delivered concrete technical skills as well. It is easily worth more than $8 to me, and more importantly, it was worth my time to read it.

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