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  1. Hi Laura,
    I just took Leslie Saber’s Digital 1 class and she recommended you for classes in lightroom/photoshop. I’m not ready to take a class just yet but I just wanted to say how beautiful your gallery is. WOW!!!! I especially love the abstract. I finally learned how to use the basics of my camera from Leslie, now I’m getting ready to try and display what my heart sees when I see an image. Much easier said than done. Your gallery has opened up so many more possibilities I did not know existed without actually painting. Which I have no aptitude…. I should not even be allowed to draw stickmen….

    Blessings and Aloha,

    • Thanks so much for the wonderful note, Lori! I took up photography because I can’t draw or paint. Best wishes with your photography, and I hope to work with you in the future!

  2. I absolutely love the single person on the beach… loads of negative space which really takes me right there and creates the mood of the day. Where was it taken Laura?

    • Hi Andy, this was Seaside beach in Oregon. It has a very gentle slope, so there is often lots of wet sand to hold reflections. The man was clamming.

  3. Hi Laura,

    The Photo of the man on the beach is stunning with the water and the reflections. Is this straight from the camera or did you enhance it at all ?


  4. Mountain range is beautiful, with a painting-like quality. Love the lone tree photo.

  5. I love your photos Laura, you have a very keen eye. The abstractish photo with the rock (or something) hanging down really caught my eye. Noticing that there are no titles for these and I’m pretty new to Lr, is there a way you could add a title, then a comment under that and a date of the photo under that?

    I’ve had more than one friend say “Check out Laura’s site she’s the best!”

    • A very belated thank you for your comments, Sammy! I created these galleries a long time ago using a separate Simpleviewer program. If you use the Web module in Lightroom, you can show titles. You’ll need to enter them in the Metadata panel in the Library module first.

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