15 Responses to “Composites”

  1. Wow. What an amazing statement!!

    Truly art!!

  2. Laura, my new interest lies in “composites & light painting” and I love your composites here. Don’t know much about any of it but I will learn. I have your DVD to start and the rest will come. Thanx for sharing your artistic work with all of us!

    • Thank you, Linda! The compositing is done in Photoshop rather than Lightroom. Stay tuned for Photoshop DVD’s in 2012!

  3. Simply stunning, thanks for sharing Laura.

  4. ok. i gotta know. i haven’t gotten thru all of your video’s yet, so, on these composites, did you do them in Lightroom or Photshop.
    i have a portrait of a couple who does skiing in Seattle, and i have a shot of the mountain they ski on. i want to put them in the foreground of the Mountain. i love this type of photography

  5. oops. now i see it was done in Photoshop. do you have a video on photoshop. i can’t find it on your site

    • Hi Raymond, yes, unfortunately Lightroom doesn’t have compositing capabilities…. and I have not yet made a video series on Photoshop. I haven’t reviewed all that’s out there, but I would check out Mark Johnson,Lesa Snyder, Dan Moughamian, Tim Cooper, and Tim Grey. I’m sure I’m forgetting others.

  6. Laura,
    Your work is inspiring!

  7. I like your B/W picture.

  8. Like these composite, “ghosts of Jerry Uelsman”…… Good site also!

  9. Where can I get the correct info for attempting to do a composite for myself, I just need help to get going on something simple – simple, understable instructions please. I would just love to get started on this type of photo. Thank you.

    • I don’t know, unfortunately, Linda, as I haven’t screened Photoshop training. You could do a subscription to for lots of courses. Another option is Katrin Eisman’s Photoshop Compositing book. I haven’t looked at the new version of this, but the old version was quite good.

      The images on this site are quite simple, as far as composites go. They involve putting one photo on top of the other on two different layers and then changing the blending mode of the top one. (I know I’m not giving you enough information to accomplish it, but this should send you off in the right direction.)

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