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  1. great to see a tech expert who also has a eye! very rare.

  2. Hey Laura:

    I was looking for a couple of abstracts and thought of you. So happy to see that you are still creating beautiful work.

  3. Laura,

    Do you know the Museo of Arte Abstracto in Cuenca, Spain? You must see the paintings there from our best arstists!!!
    http://www.march.es/arte/cuenca/coleccion/abstracto/ Some of yours pics in this gallery could be there.
    A great and inspirated work. Congratulations !.


  4. I especially appreciate this category of your work. Would love a tutorial example post on how you might process an abstract image in Lightroom!

    I do use Lightroom but prefer to do almost no editing in my work other than perhaps sharpen, straighten, or sometimes adjusting the contrast levels. That is my own particular bent as a photographer who enjoys composing in camera. Yet, once in awhile I enjoy playing with editing just for a different creative exercise. I can see you used the tools with great skill!

    Did you just use Lightroom for abstracts or did you also use Photoshop?

    If you used both, what did you use each for?

    I am also wondering what category of photography you personally prefer? This category seems quite strong! Kudos!

    cheers and best wishes for a holiday season of inspiration,


    • Hi Anne,

      Thank you for your compliment! My abstracts are straight photos, with just routine Develop work. I have only used Photoshop if something needed heavy clean-up.

      Happy holidays.

  5. Great abstracts. All beautiful, but my favorite is the water droplets. It’s really amazing to isolate/crop in order to reveal a subject not readily apparent from say, 10 feet away

    • Thanks very much, Jon! I remember I was running late to my photo class and as I stood up from the computer I noticed the water bottle sitting on my windowsill and the droplets – needless to say pulled out my macro lens and tripod, and I missed class that day!

      I enjoyed your abstracts as well!

  6. Hi Laura,

    I’m watching your Lightroom Print Output course on CreativeLive. All the pictures you use in that course are so cool that I had to check out your galleries. I just LOVE your abstracts.

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