May 292012

Tonight at 9 pm Pacific Time, Adobe announced the official release of Lightroom 4.1.  This is a free update to Lightroom 4.0, and addresses several bugs in 4.0, and also adds new camera support. In addition, we have for nice new features:

  • Book output to JPEG. We can now save our book pages as individual jpegs. Not only can you use this to send your book to a publisher who requires jpegs, but more importantly to me, you can make single page photo/text layouts (which you can reimport into Lightroom to print or use in a slideshow).
  • New Lens Corrections tools for fixing purple and green fringing. In the Lens Corrections panel, there is a new Color tab, with the Lightroom 4.0 Remove Chromatic Aberration check-box, as well as the new purple and green controls. For automatic correction, click on the eye dropper and then click in the purple or green fringe in your photo (while zoomed in to 1:1 or greater), and Lightroom will detect and set the sliders appropriately to correct it. Amount controls the strength of correction, and colors between the two Hue triangles are affected.

Color Lens Corrections Panel in Lightroom 4.1

  • New local purple/green defringe control in the adjustment brush and graduated filters.
  • Support for HDR TIFF files (16, 24 and 32 bit). Now once you have merged multiple exposures using Photoshop’s HDR-Pro, you can do the tone mapping nondestructively using Lightroom’s Develop module, rather than Photoshop’s complicated (and destructive) tone mapping dialog. Files from other HDR programs are also supported. Note that 32-bit PSD’s are not supported, so be sure to save in Photoshop as a TIFF.
  • Adobe Revel has been moved to Publish Services

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May 292012

I still have a few spots left in this webinar — sign up right away if you are interested!  Note that the registration is a two-step process — be sure to complete both steps promptly.


In this very popular presentation, Laura will discuss what makes Lightroom so attractive, explains how it works differently from other programs, and give you a tour of the fundamentals of the program (Library, Develop and a brief view of Map) by importing and processing a photo shoot. Whether you have never seen the program and are wondering if it is something you should consider, or you already have it and wonder if you are leveraging all it can do, this information-packed lecture is for you. (Lightroom 4 will be used, but it is also applicable to Lightroom 3.) 90 minutes, FREE .

Wednesday May 30, 5:30 pm PDT / 8:30 pm EDT / 12:30 am GMT
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May 242012

When designing a book in Lightroom, I move between multi-page, spread and page view a lot. There are icons in the toolbar to select these:

Toolbar View Options

Multi-Page View


Spread View


Page View


However, knowing some handy shortcuts speeds up my work a lot.

Ctl/Cmd E: Multi-Page View

Ctl/Cmd R: Spread View

Ctl/Cmd T: Page View

How to remember these? They are next to each other on the keyboard.  Still too much to remember? Here’s an alternative, which is my favorite way to jump from one to another:

Ctl/Cmd + and Ctl/Cmd -  move you further and further in or out.  (Note that you have to have a page selected.) When you are on Page View, Ctl/Cmd + zooms you in to 4:1 on the page.



May 222012

If yPCNWou’re in the Seattle area, don’t miss these two opportunities at Photographic Center Northwest coming up soon!


Lightroom Demonstration

I will discuss what makes Lightroom so attractive, explain how it works differently from other programs, and give you a tour of the fundamentals of the program by importing and processing a photo shoot. Whether you have never seen the program and are wondering if it is something you should consider, or you already have it and wonder if you are leveraging all it can do, this information-packed demonstration is for you. I will also give an overview of what is new in Lightroom 4.

June 13, 6:00-8:30 pm. The event is free, but a donation will reserve your spot. Click here for details.


Lightroom Fundamentals Part Two – Lightroom’s Output Modules

In this two-day workshop, learn how to create slideshows in Lightroom, save them,  and export them as videos or PDF’s to share with others.  Next, learn how to create web galleries and upload them to space you may have on the web so that friends or clients can see your work.  Finally, learn how to lay out photos and text in the Print module using its various layout tools, as well as the basics of color management and printing to a printer, how to output your print designs to jpegs for sending out to print or sharing online, and how to save your print layouts as templates for use with other photos. Finally, learn the basics of creating Blurb books and PDF’s with the Book module in Lightroom 4. Lightroom 3 is installed on all Photo Center NW Macs, but students may opt to bring their personal laptop loaded with Lightroom 3 or 4 for this course.

June 2-3, 10:00-6:00. $350.  Click here for details.

May 152012

Waiting for the light to get good so you can shoot? In line at the DMV? Relaxing on your summer vacation? Whip out your iPad, iPhone, or other MP4 video-compatible mobile device, watch my Lightroom videos, and learn how to take your photography post-processing to the next level!

My Lightroom 3 and Lightroom 4 Fundamentals & Beyond Series are i-Compatible.  To add them to your iTunes library, go to File>Add Folder, and select the folder or folders from your purchased DVD or download. Then sync Movies on your iPad or iPhone. (Sorry I don’t have instructions for Android and other devices, but if they support MP4 videos, they will play my videos.)

Lightroom 4 Fundamentals & Beyond: Over 10 1/2 hours of training on 55 videos, for beginners and intermediate Lightroom users!

These video tutorials are fantastic. The best way to learn how to manage Lightroom 4. I had seen very good tutorials on Lightroom 4 on and, but for me these ones by Laura Shoe are really the best. More examples, more details, very well explained. Besides being an expert on the subject, she knows how to teach it.” Ricardo M.

Laura Shoe is a born teacher, presenting all the complexities of Lightroom clearly and concisely. I feel such comfort just having her Fundamentals and Beyond at my fingertips because I know when I get stumped working on a photo in Lightroom, I can quickly find the solution in Shoe’s well-laid-out course. I don’t have to pour through my quickly and incoherently taken notes; I just sit back and let Laura explain her Lightroom tips to me and this complicated yet wonderful software opens up before me as simple as the alphabet! (Well, pretty close!)” Joe D.

This is the second tutorial I have purchased from Laura shoe and her teaching style is amazing. She makes everything look easy because she walks you through each step- as if she is holding your hand. I am not the most technical person- but she makes me feel at ease. It is as if I’m at a seminar with her. I would recommend this tutorial for anyone who is just starting out in Lightroom or already is proficient but wants to know a little more about some of the features they don’t use” Julie K

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May 142012

As much as I like to come across to you as perfectly organized, I have to admit that I am not always as disciplined as I should be about immediately completing my  keywording of photos after I import them into Lightroom.  During those organizational spurts that I go through to clean this up, it would be nice to be able to get back to those photos that I need to finish.

In the Collections panel there is a smart collection called Without Keywords, that if you click on it, does display all photos in your catalog that have no keywords:

Without Keywords Smart Collection that Lightroom Ships With

The problem is, that as as soon as you add one keyword to a photo, it disappears from this rule-based collection, because it only shows photos with ZERO keywords.

Here’s a great tip to better keep track of photos that you haven’t finished keywording: Continue reading »

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