Aug 272012

As is often the case in advance of an official release, Adobe tonight has made available a “release candidate” of Lightroom 4.2, available for download from Adobe Labs. The release candidate has been tested by Adobe testers, but they are now seeking broader user experience and feedback before finalizing 4.2.

This RC contains several bug fixes, as well as support for several new cameras. If these bugs are significant issues for you or you have one of these new cameras, I would update to this RC. Otherwise, I would suggest waiting for the official release. For those of you who have been experiencing performance issues with Lightroom 4.1, the list of bug fixes released below does not include any fixes for these issues.

New cameras supported:

  • Canon EOS 650D / Rebel T4i
  • Canon EOS M
  • Fuji FinePix F800EXR
  • Leaf Credo 40
  • Leaf Credo 60
  • Panasonic DMC-FZ200
  • Panasonic DMC-G5
  • Panasonic DMC-LX7
  • Pentax K-30
  • Sony DSC-RX100

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Aug 202012

Keyword Hierarchy in LightroomI wrote a post several months ago on how to organize your Lightroom keywords into keyword hierarchies. This allows you to more easily manage your keywords, and also to efficiently assign the full hierarchy by simply assigning the lowest level keyword.

Will D. wrote in to ask how you could assign a hierarchy when importing photos, and suggested that it would make a good blog post  — I agree!


In the Apply During Import section on the right-hand side of the Import dialog, you have the opportunity to add keywords that apply to all photos in the shoot you are importing (keywords that you want to apply to only a subset of the shoot should be assigned in the Library module after import.)  Let’s say I want to add the following hierarchy of keywords to all photos I am importing:

    • North America
      • United States
        • Idaho

There are three scenarios:

1. If this hierarchy does not yet exist  in your Keyword List panel in the Library module (or if you haven’t added Idaho to it), then you would type Idaho>United States>North America>LOCATION:

lightroom import new keyword hierarchy

Alternatively you could type “LOCATION | North America | United States | Idaho” — the “|” key is shift-\, and is above the Enter/Return key on U.S. keyboards. (Thank you to John Beardsworth and Gene McCullagh for this tip.)

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Aug 162012

As you may know at this point, having the understanding and skills to be able to manage your photos and folders in Lightroom is absolutely critical — the absence of these skills and the consequences that result lead many users to consider giving up on Lightroom. I recommend watching this video instead!

In this video I show you how to reveal your folder structure in the Folders panel, move, rename and delete folders; rearrange, move and delete photos; prevent and resolve those frustrating question marks that occur when you do this work outside of Lightroom; and what can go wrong as you attempt these tasks. Finally, I show you how you can have Lightroom check your hard drive for photos you haven’t yet imported.  This video is recorded with Lightroom 4, but is applicable to Lightroom 2 and 3 as well. Admittedly, the video is longer than I would like (26 min), so feel free to watch part of it, and come back for the rest.

Update: This video was recorded with Lightroom 4. Note that where I refer to “question marks on photos”, the Lightroom 5 symbol has changed to an exclamation mark.

This video is just one in a series of 55 from my Lightroom 4: The Fundamentals & Beyond Workshop on Video series – do check it out! Update: And here’s the completely-updated Lightroom 5 version!

For higher quality, once you hit the play button, click on the sprocket wheel in the bottom right and choose 720. (The video series for sale is of much higher quality.)

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Aug 152012

The Lightroom Queen, Victoria BamptonVictoria Bampton, the Lightroom Queen,  author of  Adobe Lightroom 4 – The Missing FAQ,  and one of the most knowledgeable people on Lightroom I know, has introduced a great new Help Desk and Members area.

Anyone can be a member. Members get access to a public section of the knowledgebase, containing the most frequently asked questions and other useful information (fully searchable) and access to a ticket system for submitting questions to Victoria. Premium Members also get access to a premium knowledgebase containing her entire book in a searchable format, they get their submitted questions answered first, and access to more features to come.

So what’s the cost of a premium membership? For all of this searchable information, priority personal support and more to come, right now, you just have to own her Adobe Lightroom 4 – The Missing FAQ book!  The eBook is around $25, and the paperpack is around $50.  This is a great book in and of itself (I’ll speak to this more in a future blog post), so this is quite a deal!!!

Do check it out — read more about this new service on Victoria’s blog.

Also check out my favorite Lightroom forum,, also run by Victoria, and served by a group of generous and expert moderators.

Aug 122012

I’m very happy to announce that I have finished this new video tutorial series, on producing great output with Lightroom 4!  For those of you who have been waiting, I appreciate your patience.  My goal with this series is not only to teach you the how-to of the Book, Slideshow, Print and Web modules, but also to give you a strong foundation in output concepts that are critical to your success in producing high quality consistent output.

Lightroom 4: Producing Great OutputLightroom 4: Producing Great Output

Almost  12 hours of training on 55 videos, for Mac and PC (and iPad compatible!)

Section                                                 # Videos              Duration (h:m)
Introduction                                               2                                    0:13
Output Concepts                                       9                                    2:28
Getting Started                                          2                                    0:22
Book                                                         14                                   2:54
Slideshow                                                  7                                    1:40
Print                                                          13                                   2:34
Web                                                            8                                   1:35


While I recommend that you purchase the whole series, you can choose to purchase just Book or Print (both of which include the Introduction, Output Concepts and Getting Started sections.)

Note that other than the Book module portion and the section on soft-proofing in the Develop module, this series is also applicable to Lightroom 3.

Between Lightroom 4: The Fundamentals & Beyond, and now Lightroom 4: Producing Great Output, you can now get over 22 hours of high quality training on all the modules of Lightroom! And if you purchase both together, you can save 10%!

Click here for more information and to purchase.



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