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For in-depth and comprehensive Lightroom training, including learning how to manage your catalog, import photos, develop stunning results, and MUCH more, I would highly recommend you check out my top-rated Lightroom 3, 4 and 5 Workshops on Video. For both new and experienced Lightroom users, the Fundamentals & Beyond series is an excellent one to start with!

What’s New – Highlights of Lightroom 5 New Features:
(For best quality, hit Play, then click on the Youtube sprocket wheel  in the bottom right and choose 720/HD).

What’s New in Adobe Lightroom 5.2:

What’s New in Adobe Lightroom 5.4:

What’s New in Adobe Lightroom 5.5:

The Advanced Healing Brush:

The Radial Filter Tool:

Upright to Straighten Photos and Correct Perspective (Plus Grid and Guide Overlays):

Smart Previews:

Book Module Changes:

How to Upgrade to Lightroom 5:

  60 Responses to “Lightroom 5 Tutorials”

  1. Nice new features and you provide an excellent overview Laura, thank you!

  2. Fantastic Lara. I will be upgrading to LR5 as soon as it comes out of Beta. Cheers Doug

  3. Thank God for the healing change…ha I really like your reviews of this new software! They are always very understandable & trustworthy….thanx Laura

  4. Fantastic review of the new features, I have watched several videos covering these new features often across several videos I just watched you quick review AND learn MORE about them than all the others I have watched put together, And then you have feature by feature reviews that you say gives more in depth information.
    I cant wait to watch those.
    Thanks Laura, really helpfull

  5. Thanks Laura. You covered all bases of the new features as usual!

  6. […] be all over the web. As an example you can see a few videos on the new Lightroom 5 features from Laura Shoe. The beta release can be downloaded from Adobe […]

  7. Marvelous tutorial. THANKS SO MUCH for easy-to-follow and enlightening videos!!!

  8. Thanks for this, now I’m looking forward to upgrading like I’ve recently done with CS6; and hope that there won’t be another one for a couple years! (-:

    I’m going to bookmark this link as I’m sure it will come in handy later.

  9. Hi, Was looking forward to seeing the upright tool in action BUT after searching the web everyone who seems to be an expert can only correct the outside of buildings, have not or cannot find one of someone correcting the inside of say a house with a couple windows, a fireplace, table and chairs etc etc. Can the upright tool not cope with this especially if a fish eye lens is used?

    • Hi Russell, Upright can also correct indoor shots. It doesn’t correct for the fish eye distortion — you would have to use a lens profile or correct for that manually. As with outdoor building shots, you will probably find some indoor shots that are too complicated for it to correct.

  10. I just love the ease that you use Lightroom Laura and of course your tutorials. I’m very impressed with the new features of 5 and looking forward to trying them out . Do you recommend downloading the Beta ? or is it better ,if you aren’t really expert at Lightroom, to wait for the upgrade?

    • Hi Peter, if you want to try the beta and give Adobe feedback, I would do so, but I wouldn’t use it as your main tool – there is a (probably very small) possibility that your work will not be upgradable to LR 5. In fact you can’t upgrade your LR 4 catalog to it.

  11. I’m buying Lightroom for the first time, so should I get LR4 or wait for LR5? Have you heard about any automatic upgrades for buyers of LR4 after a certain date?

    Also, (I really hate to admit this!!!), I just purchased “Lightroom 4 Fundamentals” and “Lightroom Output Made Easy” from creativeLIVE Inc. After I made the purchase, I clicked on the link to your website, and now I’m pulling out my hair one strand at a time. Horrible mistake on my part! I do hope you get a fair share from them.

    And, finally, are there any new videos for LR5 in the works?

    • Hi Vince, it’s hard to say whether you should get LR 4 or wait … it depends on how eager you are to get started! I haven’t heard anything about automatic upgrades.

      creativeLIVE is a great company, and I do get my share. Many of my customers have actually bought both the creativeLIVE workshops and the video series I sell on my site. The creativeLIVE version gives you the “live” energy and audience Q&A, and the ones on my site give a more “information-packed” version. So I wouldn’t pull ALL your hair out! 🙂

      I will be working on the Lightroom 5 versions of my two series, and then looking beyond these to more. I hope to release at least the Fundamentals & Beyond close to when the official version of LR 5 comes out.

      Thanks for your interest and your purchase — I hope you enjoy the videos!

  12. Thanks Laura, succinct as ever. The radial filter is the best upgrade for me. As a keen user of Silver Efex Pro I think you and others will have made the connection. Lightroom gets a form of U-Point technology; everyone who has worked in a darkroom will rejoice.

  13. well done as usual. thanks for being so thorough.

  14. Laura,
    I am very appreciative of the videos outlining some of the new feature of LR5.
    I have your instructional video for LR4 and am looking forward to purchase the LR5 version, which I assume will be available soon.
    You are a very capable instructor.

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  16. I’m in the UK and have just found your site. Excellent review of the features, very well explained, one of the best that I’ve seen. I’ll definitely be checking out your site regularly from now on!

  17. […] Lightroom 5 tutorials by Laura Shoe […]

  18. Thank you Laura. Greetings from Finland. 😉

  19. These are excellent! Thank you very much for doing these clear presentations.

  20. Thanks Laura, that was some really succinct and useful advice there.

  21. Hi Laura
    Gongrats on your new lR5 Video
    My only question is in what platform was video recorded
    Mac or window?
    Sal Ahmed

  22. In Barcelona, where I live, when you are able to buy a book about Lightroom, there is a new version already to update to. So your tutorials really helped me. Thanks a lot.

  23. Thanks for that advice Laura

  24. now that’s how tutorials should be done…excellent

  25. Just upgraded to LR5. Your overview made things a lot easier for me. Thanks.

  26. That is a great set of videos. Thank you

  27. When i export a photo to edit in elements how do I get the photo back into lightroom 4

    • Hi Ivan, if from Lightroom, you right-click on your photo and choose Edit in… Elements (after setting this up in Preferences), then in Elements after working on the photo, do a File>Save. The Elements file will automatically appear back in Lightroom.

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  29. Fantastic videos! Thank you for the information!

  30. […] Laura Shoe has posted an excellent set of video tutorials about all that's new in Lightroom 5. […]

  31. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain the new feature in an easily understood format.

  32. Thanks Laura your tutorials are very easy to understand. Have got Lightroom 5 and C/C on the monthly subscription, however a few of our seniors photography group are cautious to do this as they say reports from America say it doubled in price after a year, and it was hard to get out of the subscription.
    Do you know of these issues, I love Lightroom 5 and would like the whole group to get it.

    • Hi Liz,

      Adobe has stated that $9.99 is the ongoing price, not a promotion that they are going to double in this way, and it has not doubled here in the U.S. While this is not a guarantee that the price will never change, I take them at their word that any increases over time would be modest. (Imagine the fallout for them if they did indeed go back on their word.) This price does require an anuual subscription, so I guess it is hard to get out of in that sense. However, people can sign up for a free 30 day trial first.

  33. Laura, I have your Lightroom 5 DVD, I have a question, is there a way to do a quick mask or inversion layer in lightroom 5.3 . I thought I saw one person do it but don’t remember how. I know about auto mask, but this was more like Photoshop quick selection. I want to be able to delicately outline the portions I want to edit.

  34. Hi Laura,
    I had registered for your Overview webinar on 14th June but had to close the computer because of personal problems. Was most disappointed. In fact I had asked you a question about transferring the smart files but not sure whether you answered or not——I have downloaded some photos from memory card to COPY to my my Mac hard drive and later on imported these files to ADD to my catalogue. I had checked the smart preview box. I can now do all the processing in the lightroom but can not move them to Photoshop for further editing– message says that the file is online or missing. What am I doing wrong ? Will appreciate an answer or point me where I can find an answer in your DVD


  35. Hi Laura,

    I have Lightroom 4.4 loaded on my PC, but I never used it. I am (Finally) just getting started and I want to load the Lightroom 5 upgrade software. Since I have no catalog at all; do I still follow the prompts to upgrade my catalog on Lightroom 5? Am I better off just uninstalling Lightroom 4 and to purchase the new Lightroom 5 ? I just want to be sure I make no misteps since I’m just getting started and have a blank slate. Thank you!

    Love your tutorials, btw. They are the best!

    • Hi Caren,

      I’m sorry I overlooked your question. I’m sure you are beyond this now, but if you got a prompt to upgrade, then Lightroom 5 did find an old catalog – but it may have been empty if you didn’t import anything when you had Lightroom 4.

  36. Thanks for very easy-to-follow and instructive videos!

  37. Hi Laura,

    I’ve learned a lot on your first several tutorials, but in the process of creating a “Pictures go here” folder I seem to have messed up my file structure. In the Library mode I now have, on the left hand side:Catalog–folders–Macintosh HD–then each year’s folders dimmed out with a question mark on each. (I can access these, however.) In my Pictures folder, on the hard drive, I have “Pictures go here” but do not have the Lightoom Catalog in that folder. Can’t figure out how to untangle the mess I seem to have created. Can you help?

    • I apologize, Charles – for some reason this got trapped by my spam filter. I’m hoping you were able to work it out. The File & Folder Management video shows how to avoid question marks by using the Folders panel to reorganize folders and it shows how to resolve the question marks. If you go to Lightroom >Catalog Settings, the General tab shows you where your catalog is located (folder and file name).

  38. Hi Laura!

    Do you have videos of how to create HDR images on Lightroom? May we watch it and learn something creative images from you.

    Thank you!

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