Adobe Releases Lightroom CC 2015 and Lightroom 6!

Adobe released the new version of Lightroom today! Officially there are two versions, “Lightroom CC 2015” for Creative Cloud subscribers, and “Lightroom 6”, which is the  stand-alone perpetual-license version. (you’ll read almost no mention of 6 in the Adobe press release, but it is available.) As always, CC subscribers have access to syncing with Lightroom Mobile and Lightroom Web, but otherwise at this point the two new offerings are exactly the same. Nevertheless, Adobe is probably introducing this dual branding to enable it to offer future new features more quickly to CC subscribers. This is a relatively small update compared to Lightroom 4 and 5, but it does include some nice new features. Lightroom 6 Major New Features Photo Merge feature […more]


Detailed Release Notes for Lightroom CC 2015 / Lightroom 6

Here’s a complete list of all the new features and changes in Lightroom CC / 6.  For video tutorials explaining all the features and changes, visit (this Lightroom 6 resources page). Photo Merge HDR Designed to merge multiple exposures to increase dynamic range. It is not designed to give creative HDR looks, that plug-ins such as Photomatix provide. Access by selecting  two or more raw files, then go to Photo>Photo Merge HDR, or right click and choose Photo Merge > HDR, or Ctl-H. Options to align and auto-tone photos. In the case of elements that have moved between frames, option to deghost the result. Deghosting analyzes local areas and chooses one frame from the series to use in that local area. […more]


Lightroom Mobile for Android Phones Now Available

Adobe released Lightroom mobile for Android phones last night, after releasing the Apple iPhone / iPad version nine months ago. The app is free from your Google Play app store, but using it requires a Creative Cloud subscription. You can now: Sync collections of photos from your desktop Lightroom catalog to the Lightroom mobile app. Import phone camera photos from your Gallery into Lightroom mobile and have them automatically sync back to your Lightroom desktop catalog. Perform rating, flagging and basic Develop work in Lightroom mobile and have this work sync back to your Lightroom desktop catalog. Share photos directly from Lightroom mobile. While I don’t have Android-specific tutorials, the following videos will show you the basics of using Lightroom […more]

Watch My Webinar: Getting and Staying Organized in Lightroom [Recorded Live 10/11/14]

[UPDATE – ENDED!] In case you missed it, now through November 30, you can watch the recording of my October webinar, on getting and staying organized in Lightroom. Getting and staying organized in Lightroom is critical to being able to enjoy and work efficiently with your photo library. In this webinar I discuss what role folder structure should play in this, how to decide on a folder structure that works for you and how to import new photos into this, reorganizing your photos and folders using Lightroom’s Folders panel, resolving “missing” folders and photos, using keywords, collections and mapping, searching for your photos and more. I also tackle the question of how many catalogs you should use, discuss a plugin […more]


Never Lose Access to Lightroom!

Adobe’s Creative Cloud Photography Program subscription for $9.99/month is a great deal in my opinion, based on what you get: Always up-to-date versions of Lightroom and Photoshop (no need to pay more to upgrade to Lightroom’s next major upgrade when it comes out!) Syncing to Lightroom mobile for the iPad and iPhone (and Android sometime this year) 2 GB of cloud storage A pro account However, potential subscribers and users of Lightroom have had a major concern – if you stopped paying, you could lose access not only to Lightroom, but also to your Lightroom catalog – which contains all the work you have ever done on your photos. Well, no more! Starting with Lightroom 5.5, if your subscription […more]


Adobe Releases Creative Cloud 2014 With Photoshop CC and More

Today in a live event Adobe announced the release of new versions of Photoshop CC and 13 other CC desktop apps, plus  Lightroom 5.5 (discussed in another blog post.) Photoshop CC 2014 new features of particular interest to photographers: Focus Mask, which allows automatic selection of in-focus objects. New motion blur filters in the Blur Gallery (with live preview): – Spin blur: cusomize an oval or circular motion blur – Path blur: create motion blurs along user defined paths Improvements to Content Aware Features to allow for better color blending In addition there are many design-related enhancements, such as smarter smart guides, new text features, improved layer comps and smart object enhancements, as well as other smaller changes. Note that […more]

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