Getting Started with Lightroom Mobile and Web

Whether you are a Creative Cloud subscriber and want to know how to get started with Lightroom mobile or web or you are not a subscriber and are just curious about what you’re missing, the video tutorial below will show you. In the Lightroom mobile portion of this tutorial I show you how to easily sync (download) photos from Lightroom on your desktop to your mobile devices, how to work on your photos on your mobile devices and have that work show up back in Lightroom on your desktop (and vice versa), how to sync your mobile device camera roll photos up to Lightroom on your desktop, and how to change where these are stored. In the Lightroom web portion I […more]


Adobe Releases Lightroom 6.4 and CC 2015.4 with Boundary Warp Feature

Adobe today released Lightroom 6.4 and CC 2015.4. In addition to the usual bug fixes, new camera and tethering support and lens profiles, are the following additions and improvements: Boundary Warp, for CC subscribers only Usually the Photomerge Panorama process produces a panorama that is not rectangular, and that therefore requires cropping (or Photoshop work). The new Boundary Warp feature within the Panorama dialog analyzes the boundary of your panorama and warps the image so that it is rectangular and doesn’t require cropping. While I used Boundary Warp with the Perspective option in the above example, if you are using Perspective to preserve straight lines, Boundary Warp won’t be useful since it will warp those lines. Lightroom Mobile Location Preference, for CC […more]


Adobe Plans to Revert Back to Old Import Dialog

Tom Hogarty of Adobe announced tonight that in the next Lightroom 6 “dot” release (i.e. 6.3 & CC 2015.3), they will revert back to the old import dialog. The streamlined import process introduced in 6.2 suffered from stability issues, and drew consternation from Lightroom users (including myself) upset about many features that were removed.  Timing of the 6.3 release is still to be determined. Tom went on to say that they “will continue to investigate ways to improve the ease of use of our photography products and will do so via an open dialog, with both existing and new customers.” I am hopeful that with this open dialog, Lightroom will continue to evolve with the needs of both new and experienced users in […more]


Video Tutorial on What’s New in Lightroom CC 2015.1

Tonight in Lightroom CC 2015.1 (for subscribers only), Adobe has released a new Dehaze feature and local black and white  controls. Watch my video tutorial below for a full lesson and tips on these new features. In addition to the basics of Dehaze, I show you how it can boost reflection shots, and what to do if your dehaze slider doesn’t work (is grayed out). I explain what local black and white controls are, and as an example, I show how they can be used to tackle haze in just a portion of your photo.   For best quality, after clicking on the play button, click on the sprocket wheel in the bottom right and choose 720/HD. Related Post: Adobe […more]


Video Tutorial: What’s New in Lightroom Mobile 1.5 for iPad and iPhone

Watch my new video tutorial below to learn how to use the new features introduced in Lightroom Mobile 1.5 for iPhone and iPad today – video import, HSL/Color/B&W, vignetting, and the tone curve. Enjoyed this article? Enter your email address below to sign up for newsletter updates: Related Articles: Video Tutorial: What’s New in Lightroom CC 2015.1 Blog post: Adobe Announces Release of Lightroom CC 2015.1, Lightroom 6.1, and Lightroom Mobile 1.5 for iPad and iPhone


Video Tutorial on How to Upgrade to Lightroom CC & 6

Did you just purchase or do you plan to upgrade to Lightroom CC or 6 from an earlier version? If so, the upgrade process is usually straightforward, but it helps to be prepared in case it isn’t. Watch this video for details.   There are two scenarios not mentioned in this video. If you are installing from the Creative Cloud app (shown in the video), and Lightroom CC 2015 doesn’t show in the list of available apps, there are two possible issues: 1. Your computer may not support it. You have to have 64-bit Windows 7 or higher, or Mac OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or higher. 2. A CC installation glitch that many experienced on launch day. Log out of your CC […more]

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