An Affordable Set of Quality Lightroom Presets for People Photography (And a Chance to Win a Free Copy!)

Sean McCormack over at has recently released his new Lightroom preset pack.  According to Sean, it is a set of 18 presets  “that range from B&W to heavily processed colour looks for people photography. It borrows a lot from current fashion trends, but is equally at home with bands, portraits and fashion. Inspiration for each preset has come from a variety of sources, magazine editorials, lookbooks and from other photographers.” A disclaimer up front — if you have seen my photo galleries, you know that I am not a people photographer. However,  since Sean is a fellow blogger and a Lightroom expert, I was eager to try them out.   While I can’t say whether they come close to […more]


Should I Learn Lightroom or Photoshop (or Both or Neither)?

Students often ask me whether they should buy Lightroom or Photoshop or something else, so I thought I would put down my thoughts on this in writing.  I actually wrote this quite a while ago, but because it wasn’t technically a blog post, you would have had to stumble onto it elsewhere on my website.  For those that haven’t stumbled onto it and have this question, here it is: Lightroom is Adobe’s image management and enhancement program designed specifically for serious amateur and professional photographers. With more and more powerful features being added with each new release, Lightroom has become a very powerful program which can help you to stay organized and be able to find your photos quickly, produce […more]

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