How Large Can I Print My Photo? Understanding, Displaying and Managing Print Resolution

“How large can I print my photo?” is a question I get from Lightroom users all the time. The ultimate answer of course is – it depends. In the end you will need to do your own tests and find out what you are satisfied with. Below is some information that should help you with that process. It applies whether you do your own printing, or send your photos out to be printed. Your photo has a limited number of pixels, or squares of information, in it, based on what your camera captured or what you cropped your photo down to.  For example, a capture from an old 6 megapixel camera is 3,000 pixels wide x 2,000 pixels high.  (There […more]


Lightroom Quick Tip of the Week: Borrowing a Color from Your Photograph

Anywhere you see a color selection square in Lightroom, such as for page background color in the Print module, you can choose a color not only from the color picker that comes up when you click on it, but also a color from one of your photos. How?  Simply click in the main color selection area (shown above where the eyedropper is), hold the mouse button down, and drag out to your photo, either in the main window or down in the filmstrip. You can actually select a color from anywhere on your monitor, so if you want a color that is on a web page, for example, position it next to Lightroom, then just click, hold and drag out […more]


Making a Photo Collage Desktop Background Image or Screen Saver Using Lightroom’s Print Module

If you watched my video tutorial on the Custom Print Package in Lightroom, you know how to make a collage of photographs.  Here’s an example I put together quickly, leaving the background color white, and adding a grey stroke border to the images (the black frame is not part of the result): You could make your collage any size, and just let Windows or Mac OS X resize and stretch it to fit your monitor, but why not make it the exact size needed, so that it fills your monitor and there is no distortion?


Free Lightroom Printing Video Tutorials

Several of my readers and Lightroom Fundamentals and Beyond DVD customers have contacted me to find out if I plan to produce a series on Printing with Lightroom.  I do, but I do not have a date for it at this point.  Therefore, I thought I would pull together a couple of video tutorials on printing that  I did a while back, for you to enjoy for free. The first video covers both Custom Print Package layout and watermarking capabilities in Lightroom 3.  I love the Custom Print Package — it allows me to layout multiple images on a page any way I want, and add some text to the page as well. The second video covers how to find, […more]


Finding and Adding a Printer Profile

For highest quality printing results through Lightroom, you will want to use printer profiles.  A printer profile is a paper and printer-specific set of instructions that adjusts your image to be as close as possible in print to what you see on your (calibrated!) monitor in terms of contrast and color. So where do you get them, and how do you install and use them?  Click HERE to go to an updated post and watch a video I have produced answering these very questions. I may explain in a follow up post more about why you need them and where you can get great quality profiles if the paper manufacture profiles fall short.  This is a quick post before I […more]

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