Video about Adding Borders and Watermarks with LR2/Mogrify

I had planned to write more about Timothy Armes’ great plug-in LR2/Mogrify, which among other things allows you to add fairly sophisticated borders and watermarks to your images when you export them.  However, today I noticed that my very talented colleague David Marx has posted a video about this on  Do check it out!  You can download the plug-in here.  Read the Quickguide for more instructions and examples.


How to Use the Graduated Filter Tool

Here’s a video I made showing how to use the graduated filter tool in Lightroom 2 and Camera Raw in CS4. Update 2011:  This is one of my earliest videos, so please bear with its imperfections.  It is applicable to Lightroom 3 and Camera Raw in CS5 as well. go to video

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