Video Tutorial for Beginners: Importing Photos into Lightroom

This Lightroom video tutorial is the 5th of 37 on my DVD.  It covers how to add photos to Lightroom that are already on your hard drive, and also how to add new photos from memory cards. I have debated whether to post it, because there is some context missing that is covered in previous videos on the DVD —  on how Lightroom works with a catalog and what importing really means, and on how you should organize photos on your hard drive.  Here is an article I wrote explaining how Lightroom works with a catalog and what importing means. As far as where to put your photos and how to organize them on your hard drive, suffice it to […more]


Free Lightroom Printing Video Tutorials

Several of my readers and Lightroom Fundamentals and Beyond DVD customers have contacted me to find out if I plan to produce a series on Printing with Lightroom.  I do, but I do not have a date for it at this point.  Therefore, I thought I would pull together a couple of video tutorials on printing that  I did a while back, for you to enjoy for free. The first video covers both Custom Print Package layout and watermarking capabilities in Lightroom 3.  I love the Custom Print Package — it allows me to layout multiple images on a page any way I want, and add some text to the page as well. The second video covers how to find, […more]


Video: Using the Adjustment Brush

I am working on a Lightroom 3 training DVD, which I will be offering for sale, hopefully soon.  The concept is a “Lightroom Workshop on DVD”.  It is a series of many videos, several hours long in total, designed for beginning and intermediate Lightroom users.  I cover just about everything I teach in my two-day Lightroom Fundamentals workshop.    Since it has been a while since I have posted to this blog, I thought I would share with you one video from this series, on how to use Lightroom’s adjustment brush to make local changes to your images. Click HERE to watch the video. If you are interested in hearing about the DVD when it is available, click on the […more]


Finding and Adding a Printer Profile

For highest quality printing results through Lightroom, you will want to use printer profiles.  A printer profile is a paper and printer-specific set of instructions that adjusts your image to be as close as possible in print to what you see on your (calibrated!) monitor in terms of contrast and color. So where do you get them, and how do you install and use them?  Click HERE to go to an updated post and watch a video I have produced answering these very questions. I may explain in a follow up post more about why you need them and where you can get great quality profiles if the paper manufacture profiles fall short.  This is a quick post before I […more]


Renaming Your Photos in Lightroom

Many photographers like to rename their original image files.  I personally don’t — I look to the folder name and image keywords I have applied to tell me about a photo rather than the file name, so the camera-generated file name is fine for me.  There is no right or wrong on this — I suggest that you come up with a system that makes sense for you, and most importantly, stick with it for consistency. Even if you don’t rename your originals, you may still find that you want to rename copies that you export for email, Shutterfly, Zenfolio, etc… I have produced a short video to show you the basics of how to set up and apply a […more]

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