Don’t Forget to Create Your 2014 Lightroom Copyright and Contact Information Preset!

I recommend adding copyright and contact information to your photos as you import them into Lightroom, so that when you share photos with the outside world, this data automatically tags along with them and people can get in touch with you if they come across your photos and want to use them. For photos already in Lightroom, it’s not too late — you can also add this information in the Library module. In this video tutorial, I show you how to: Create and update a copyright and contact information “metadata preset” Apply your preset to photos as you import them View copyright and contact information for your photos using the Metadata panel in the Library module Apply your preset to […more]


Lightroom Quick Tip: How to View Photos from More Than One Folder

Sometimes it’s handy to be able to see two or more folders of photos together in Lightroom when you are in Grid View (G) in the Library Module. This is simply a matter of using the Folders panel to select more than one folder. If the folders are all next to each other, click on the first, then Shift-Click on the last. If they are not, click on the first, then Ctrl/Cmd-Click on each of the others. Thank you for all your support in 2013. I wish you a creative, healthy and happy 2014! Related Post: Must See Video Tutorial: Using the Folders Panel to Reorganize and Manage Your Photos and Folders Enjoyed this article? Enter your email address below […more]


Three Easy Ways to Add Keywords to Photos in Lightroom

Do you spend a lot of time searching through your folders in Lightroom, looking for particular photos? If so, it’s time to add keywords to them — words or phrases that you can then find your photos based on. In this short video tutorial I discuss three easy ways to add keywords: in the Import dialog with the Keywording panel with the Painter tool For highest quality video, after hitting Play, click on the sprocket wheel ( ) in the bottom right of the video and choose 720/HD.   Enjoyed this article? Enter your email address below to sign up for newsletter updates: Related Posts: Video Tutorial: How to Find Your Photos in Lightroom (based on keywords and more) Organize […more]


When Panels, Modules, Tools and More Go Missing in Lightroom

I get a fair number of emails from frantic users who have lost some critical part of the Lightroom interface. In this video I show you how to find missing panels, tools, and more.  Watch the video to learn not only how to find what you have lost, but also how to hide what you don’t need. For those of you who need to just get to what you are looking for, below is what I cover and where you can find it in the video: Find your missing Lightroom: module (0:30) panel (0:50) – the Basic panel is most common – white balance, exposure, etc panel strip / filmstrip (1:30) toolbar (1:52) library filter bar (2:15) tool in toolbar […more]


Lightroom Tip of the Week: “I” is for “Information”

Have you ever wondered how to turn off (or on) the information that displays over your photos when you are in Loupe view (single-photo view) in  Lightroom’s Library and Develop modules? The secret is to type the keyboard shortcut “I“, for “Information“. If no information is showing, typing “I” once displays one set of information about your photo: Typing “I” a second time displays a second set of information: And typing “I” a third time will hide the information. To change what information displays, in the menu bar in the top left, go to View>View Options. On the Loupe View tab, the three fields you choose under Loupe Info 1 display when you type “I” the first time; the three […more]


Travel Light with Lightroom Smart Previews

Note: this article and video were created when Lightroom 5 came out, but they are applicable to later versions as well. Lightroom smart previews allow you to develop your photos, even when the masters are offline. Imagine traveling with your laptop, and leaving your big heavy external hard drive with all your photos back at home. Work on your photos on the road, and when you get home and reconnect your hard drive, your work is seamlessly applied to your masters. All you need on the road are your laptop your catalog, and smart previews of your photos.  Not interested in traveling with your photos? Smart previews may still give you a performance benefit in the Develop module.  Finally, Adobe […more]

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