Reclaiming Hard Drive Space from Lightroom

You may be using a lot more hard drive space with Lightroom than you need to be.  There are three major opportunity areas:  catalog backups, 1:1 previews, and deleting rejects. Catalog Backups My Lightroom catalog is about 500 MB.  (To see how large yours is, go to Edit>Catalog Settings on the PC, or Lightroom>Catalog Settings on the Mac.  The size is listed on the General tab.)  If I do a catalog backup once a week, that is 26 GB of catalog copies that I am adding to my hard drive every year.  If I do a backup every day, that is 182 GB per year!    It is important, therefore, to go in and clean out old backups.  I like […more]


Where Has Lightroom Put My Photos?

I hear this all the time — new users import their photos successfully, see the images in Lightroom and  see the name of their imported folder in the Folders panel, but from the Folders panel they cannot figure out  “where Lightroom has put that folder”.  The folder certainly doesn’t seem to be where they told Lightroom to put it during the import process. This issue is very basic for those who know what’s going on, but for those that don’t, I know that it is driving you crazy.  Your folders seem to be a total mess, with no hierarchy. Here’s the scoop:  Lightroom has in fact put your folder exactly where you told it to — it is just not […more]


What You See Is Not What You Get? Time to Learn to Calibrate Your Monitor

When you print images  yourself or send them out to a printing service, do your prints look like what you see on your monitor?  If not, there may be many reasons for this, but the first to consider is that your monitor is very possibly  off in terms of color, brightness and contrast.   If, for example, your monitor is too bright, then your prints will come out darker than you expect.  If your monitor is too blue, your prints will look too yellow (the opposite of blue).    The solution is to calibrate and profile your monitor on a regular basis, using what is called a colorimeter.  I recommend the Eye One Display 2, though I am sure there are other […more]


Post Revisited: About Your Images and the Lightroom Catalog

I often look to see how readers get to my blog, and I have noticed that one post  in particular that I wrote about understanding the Lightroom catalog often gets referred to on digital forums.  Thank you to everyone who links to it.  For those who haven’t read it, I thought I would call your attention to it:  click here to read.


Getting Those Panels Under Control

In Lightroom you can hide the top, bottom, left and right panels so that you have more room to show your images.  To hide a panel, click on the triangle at the outside center edge of the panel.  Click on it again to show it again.   There are shortcuts, of course:  Tab hides and shows the left and right panels;  Shift-Tab hides and shows all four panels. Have you ever closed your Lightroom panels,  and then been annoyed when they pop open again when you hover over that area with your mouse?    If so, you can take control over this situation:  right-click (Ctl-click if you have a a one-button mouse) on the panel triangle and choose Manual.  Now they will […more]

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