Craft & Vision Has Really Done It This Time!

I am a fan of Craft & Vision e-books — great information and inspiration for photographers, quality writing and book design, and incredibly low prices — $5 each!   But now Craft & Vision has gone and released an even cheaper e-book — in fact a FREE e-book.  And it isn’t just a fluff piece, it is quality content.  It is 11 Ways to Improve Your Photography, edited by David DuChemin.  There are chapters by 8 different  well known and excellent photographers, designed to give you ideas and insights into improving your photographic vision and skills. Click here to visit Craft And Vision.

A Hands on Look at Adobe Carousel

Adobe recently announced the upcoming release of this new software to manage images across devices via the cloud. Their initial target audience is point-and-shoot jpeg shooters, but it will almost certainly grow to include raw support, Lightroom integration, etc… As the first version is only available for the Mac (Windows to follow in 2012), I can’t actually get my hands on it to review it, but Rob Sylvan over at Lightroomers has a nice article on Carousel with his impressions so far, and some good perspective for those of us wondering how it might fit into our photo lives today.


Book Review: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3: The Missing FAQ

Victoria Bampton, a.k.a. The Lightroom Queen,  has just recently released her Missing FAQ book updated for Lightroom 3.    She is an administrator and Lightroom Guru on, and is one of the most knowledgeable Lightroom users and troubleshooters I know — if I don’t know the answer to a question myself, I often turn to Victoria or this forum. As a forum moderator, Victoria understands  the questions and issues users face.  


Photoshop CS5 Videos from Mark Johnson

For 10 days starting today, talented Photoshop instructor Mark Johnson presents videos on new features in Photoshop CS5. See today’s excellent video on content aware fill and content aware spot healing. If you can’t tune in each day to watch the video for freee, you can buy the whole set of 10 videos for $9.95 — a great deal. Click HERE to watch.


One Blogger’s Take On Aperture 3

As Mac users may know, Aperture 3 was released last week.  While I would love to be able to speak personally to how it compares to Lightroom (Lightroom 2 or the Lightroom 3 Beta), I don’t have a Mac and am not willing to fork out such a large chunk of cash to buy one just  to be able to run Aperture, so I can’t do so.  Fortunately my colleague Gene McCullagh has written a thoughtful blog post on his experiences and opinions thus far over at Mac users, my advice to you is to think long term and to not  switch to/from either unless you are convinced one will significantly help you to improve the quality of your […more]


Build a Professional Looking Website Completely in Lightroom without Breaking the Bank!

Last week Lightroom guru  Sean McCormack released a new web engine plug-in, LRB Exhibition.  I have to say, I am impressed — in less than an hour I was able to use Lightroom to create a complete website that I would not hesitate to show someone who might  judge my work.  The plug-in accomodates a home page, about page, contact page, one additional page of your choice, up to two external link pages, and up to 6 gallery pages.   You can modify text placement, fonts, all colors, and much more.  And it costs just 15 Euros, or USD $21  at today’s exchange rate!    This includes up to 9 downloads, so as Sean continues to refine the product, you can […more]

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