More LR3 Beta Information

Here’s a link to a write up by Victoria Bampton on what’s new in the LR3 beta.  Keep in mind that this is a very early beta — some of the new features will disappear, others will be added, and you will encounter bugs (particularly known are render preview issues).   At the bottom of Victoria’s post are links to many other blogs with articles on LR3.


Check Out the Archives

These days I try to post regularly, but I gave up long ago on the idea of posting daily.  If you check in on a day when I don’t have a new post for you, take the opportunity to go back through the archives — if you haven’t been following my blog for all of the past 10 months, you may have missed some tips and tutorials that would be useful to you. Scroll down this page to the archive section.  Once you enter the archives and click on an article title, you can just hit the backward or forward button below the article to continue through the archives. I hope you find something worthwhile!


Check Out the Lightroom Lab and Computers for Photographers

There is so much to learn about Lightroom and digital photography, that I highly recommend visiting many website and blogs regularly (including mine of course!).   One of my favorites is  Check it out for great tutorials, tips, videos, news, reviews, discussions and more.  It is run by a very smart colleague of mine, Scott Rouse, a self-described “geek extraordinaire”. Scott is a photographer, graphic designer, web designer, instructor,  and IT professional. He specializes in web design for photographers and other artists.  More information his web- and graphic-design services can be found at  In addition to his freelance work, Scott teaches photography and Lightroom/Photoshop workshops worldwide for Photographers Alliance Workshops. David Marx is also a regular contributor to The […more]


Adobe TV

I’ll get back to making my own tutorials and videos soon, but in the meantime, check out Adobe TV.  Click here for Lightroom videos, and here for Photoshop videos.  (They load in two stages, so give it a little time.)    Check or uncheck the Release, Skill Level and Topic checkboxes on the right to narrow your selection.  Enjoy!


Why Use Lightroom?

These days there are two primary digital workflows for photographers: Adobe Bridge/Camera Raw/Photoshop (all packaged into the Photoshop product) and Adobe Lightroom, with Photoshop as a supplemental tool. Both routes are equally powerful, but I would say that the Lightroom route offers the potential for large efficiency gains. This of course is more important if you shoot large quantities of images and need to process them efficiently. If you are a fine art photographer and shoot and process few images at a time, then this won’t be so much of a consideration. Lightroom’s efficiency gains come from these key features: It is a streamlined application — it only has what photographers need — you are not navigating through a complex […more]

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