More LR3 Beta Information

Here’s a link to a write up by Victoria Bampton on what’s new in the LR3 beta.  Keep in mind that this is a very early beta — some of the new features will disappear, others will be added, and you will encounter bugs (particularly known are render preview issues).   At the bottom of Victoria’s post are links to many other blogs with articles on LR3.


Lightroom 3 Beta Now Available

Lightroom 3 won’t officially be released until 2010, but tonight Adobe Labs announced the release of its first public beta.  If you want to try it out, kick the tires, and join in providing feedback to Adobe on LR3, click here to go to Adobe Labs and download the software. Is it all we need in LR?  No (for one thing, we absolutely need soft proofing.)  Is it a step in the right direction?  Yes.  There are feature enhancements, but importantly, Adobe has focused on improving performance by rebuilding the LR architecture.  Adobe recognizes that we are building very large catalogs of images, and that we need LR to handle them quickly and efficiently. Here are some of the feature […more]


Lightroom 2.5 and Camera Raw 5.5 Are Now Available

If you are not prompted to update when you open LR and Bridge/Photoshop, in these programs go up to Help>Check for Updates.  Downlaod the .exe (PC) or .dmg (Mac) file to your desktop, then double-click to launch the installation.  When it is done, you can throw away the Adobe folder the install process placed on your desktop.    If you use LR and PS, be sure to update ACR as well — when you take a file from LR to PS, ACR is used to render the file. It looks like a minor release to me (unless of course you own one of these new cameras and have been waiting to be able to process your raw files!)   According to Tom […more]


Your Chance to Help and Influence Adobe

Adobe is looking for Lightroom and Photoshop users to interview!  Those that participate receive an Amazon gift card.   You need to respond to Anita Dennis this week to be considered. Details are on Adobe’s Phosphors blog, which is a great source for updates on Help content for Lightroom, Photoshop and Camera Raw.  Check it out and consider bookmarking it or setting up a feed.


Lightroom 2.4 and Camera Raw 5.4 Updates Released

If you don’t get prompted to perform an automatic update, in Lightroom and in Bridge, go to Help>Check for Updates to update to the new releases.   Lightroom uses Camera Raw when you use the  Edit in Photoshop command on a raw image, so be sure to update both.    Adobe only provides these updates to Lightroom 2 and Photoshop CS4, so if you have an earlier version, you are out of luck until you purchase an upgrade. Information from Adobe:


Lightroom 2.3 and Adobe Camera Raw 5.3 Released

Hooray — the official 2.3 release of Lightroom is out.  This fixes a number of bugs in 2.2 that I am happy to have behind me. From Adobe: The goal of this release is to address bugs that were introduced in previous releases of Lightroom 2 and provide additional camera raw support. A comprehensive list of issues fixed in this release is included below: In the Windows 64-bit version of Lightroom an sFTP upload process could cause Lightroom to crash. Slideshows could return to the first image randomly during playback. A memory leak could cause Lightroom to crash while attempting to process files with local adjustments. Canon EOS 5D Mk II sRAW files could process with artifacts in Lightroom 2.2. […more]

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