Adobe Lowers Price for Photographer Creative Cloud Offering

Adobe announced today  at Photoshop World a new more attractive photographer Creative Cloud offering, consisting of Photoshop CC, Lightroom 5, 20 GB cloud storage, Behance ProSite membership, and access to online CC training content. This offer will be available the week of September 16 to owners of Photoshop CS3 and newer, for signup through December 31, 2013. Adobe has not indicated whether a similar offer will be available for photographers who are new to Photoshop. The monthly subscription price will be $9.99/month, paid annually. Adobe states that it has no plans to change the price for subscribers of this plan. At Photoshop World today, Adobe Product Manager Tom Hogarty also demonstrated what is in development for Lightroom (later this year? [...more]


New Photoshop CC Now Available from Adobe

Adobe’s new version of Photoshop, Photoshop CC, is now  available for download through its Creative Cloud subscription service. New features for photographers include a camera-shake-reduction filter, and improved Smart Sharpen and upsampling algorithms. Adobe announced last month that new versions of Photoshop and other Creative Suite software would only be available via a Creative Cloud subscription. This  provoked an outcry amongst some pro and amateur photographers who use only Lightroom and Photoshop, and for whom even a single-product Cloud subscription to Photoshop would be a very large price increase.  There was also substantial criticism of the Creative Cloud’s “software-rental” model, where once you stop subscribing, you lose access to the software. (Note that Lightroom will continue to be available as [...more]


Adobe Announces New Photoshop Available Only Through the Creative Cloud

I’m a bit late on this news from last week, as I was on vacation with no internet access, but here goes: Adobe announced the upcoming June 17 release of the next version of Photoshop, Photoshop CC, available only through a Creative Cloud monthly or annual subscription. No longer will we able to purchase and own new versions of Photoshop (or other Creative Suite software, which have also all been updated) — users must subscribe, and when they stop subscribing, they lose access to the software.  Here are U.S. prices, per month with an annual subscription:   This new policy of only being able to  “rent” Adobe’s Creative Suite software has caused some outcry throughout the creative community, but much [...more]


Lightrom 4.4 Now Available from Adobe

Adobe has announced that the official release of Lightroom 4.4 is now available. If next time you open Lightroom, it doesn’t prompt you to update, go to Help>Check for Updates. Download the installation package, and then double-click on it to run it. (Many users skip this last step, and therefore in fact never update Lightroom!) This release provides new camera support, additional lens profiles, and bug fixes. Fuji camera owners will see important changes that affect image quality. Unlike with the early “release candidate”, I recommend that everyone go ahead and update to this official release of 4.4. New Cameras Supported: Canon EOS 1D C, Canon ESO 100D (Digital Rebel SL1 / EOS Kiss Digital X7), Canon EOS 700D (Digital [...more]


Lightroom 4.3 Release Candidate Available with Retina Display Support

The Lightroom team has announced the availability of the release candidate for Lightroom 4.3. The release candidate is made available before the official release in order to get broader community testing and feedback. This contains support in the Develop module for the new HiDPI monitors (i.e. Apple’s Retina Display), bug fixes, support for new cameras, and new lens profiles. If you don’t have one of the newer cameras or displays and are not adversely affected by these bugs, I would recommend waiting for the official release of 4.3 (which will also be a free update). Here are the bug fixes and new cameras supported, as quoted from  Adobe’s Lightroom Journal: Bugs Corrected in the Lightroom 4.3 Release Candidate The following [...more]


Adobe Announces Lightroom 4.2 with Performance Improvements and More

Adobe tonight announced the  availability of Lightroom 4.2, a free update for Lightroom 4 owners. This release does not add new features, but it does address some performance issues with Lightroom 4.1, and also adds support for several new cameras and lenses, tethering for more cameras, and several bug fixes. If you open Lightroom 4 and it does not prompt you automatically to download the update, go to Help>Check for Updates. Once the update downloads, double-click on the file to launch the installation wizard. If it is not yet available, you can also click here to download it directly from If you are also working with Photoshop CS6, be sure to also update Camera Raw to 7.2, also released [...more]

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