Jan 012014
Sometimes it’s handy to be able to see two or more folders of photos together in Lightroom when you are in Grid View (G) in the Library Module. This is simply a matter of using the Folders panel to select more than one folder. If the folders are all next to each other, click on the first, then Shift-Click on the last. If they are not, click on the first, then Ctrl/Cmd-Click on each of the others.
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  4 Responses to “Lightroom Quick Tip: How to View Photos from More Than One Folder”

  1. Wow. So easy and something I’ve wondered about but never tried.
    Thanks Laura!!

  2. I’m impressed! That’s a great tip. Of course I had to try it out immediately, and it worked as advertised.
    Where did you learn all this stuff about Lightroom? 🙂

  3. I tried this with collections, but it did not work. How can I see 2 collections at the same time?

    • It does work the same way, Craig – selecting multiple collections in the Collections panel will show you all photos within them. Perhaps you have a very old version of Lightroom?

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