Feb 122013

Lightroom Book Module Two Page SpreadIn this Lightroom video tutorial, I’ll show you how to change and refine your page layouts. After an overview of page layout options, you’ll learn how to choose a page layout and refine it with cell padding, add two page spreads, and select and change layouts of multiple pages at once. I then cover flagging layouts as favorites (for easy access, and to use in Auto Layout) and copying and pasting layouts.

For those not familiar with the Book module in Lightroom 4, it allows you to design and order photo books from Blurb.com, and to create PDFs and JPEGs to share electronically or to print.

When I don’t have time to write new tutorials for you, I find sharing videos to be a great quick alternative! This video is another excerpt from my Producing Great Output series — 12 1/2 hours on 55 videos, on understanding output concepts and creating great books, prints, slideshows and web galleries.

As usual, to view at highest quality, after hitting Play, click on the sprocket wheel in the bottom right and choose 720/HD.

Click here to read more about Lightroom 4: Producing Great Output.

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  3 Responses to “Lightroom 4 Book Tutorial: Changing and Refining Page Layouts”

  1. Laura, These tutorials are fantastic. Thank you! I have a question about backing up my book. I’m working on my 2013 family album (that will grow to over 200 pages!) and would like to back it up properly in case my computer crashes. If I use Time Machine to update my LR4 catalog, is that backing up my book as well? Thank you!

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