Sep 172012

Wow, this was a surprise today (at least to me!) Nik Software, maker of professional photo editing software and the (great) SnapSeed mobile app, has been purchased by Google. According to the New York Times, “it is Google’s latest defensive move against Facebook and part of its strategy to become a photo-sharing hub.”  The New York Times goes on to say that “Google seems most interested in Nik’s mobile and online tools and how they can improve Google Plus. Google declined to say whether or when it would discontinue any of Nik’s other products, like desktop software for professional photographers.”

Here’s the complete article.


  4 Responses to “Google Buys Nik”

  1. They’d be foolish to even consider discontinuing any of Nik’s fine software products! I love mine!

  2. I agree Paula. . I can see how Snapseed fits in with Picasa and Goggle+ but I would be very disappointed if Google kills off the Nik plug ins.

  3. I’m SO dismayed by even the possibility they might discontinue. I’ve had the suite for 3 months for using with light room and it’s now my standard package for adding that wow factor.

  4. Hopefully Google will have enought common sense to leave the NIK management and technical staff in place to continue producing outstanding photo software products.

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