Dec 012011

Occasionally I want to add  or subtract more clarity, contrast, or some other setting to or from the whole photo than the Lightroom Basic panel slider will allow.  At this point I often turn to the adjustment brush or graduated filter. They are intended for making local changes to a photo, but you can also apply them to the whole photo. They allow you to use the following settings:

lightroom adjustment brush graduated filter settings

If, for example, I need more than 100 of clarity on the whole photo, I would set the Basics panel slider to 100, and then using the adjustment brush or graduated filter, I would add more.

With the adjustment brush, I would just get a huge brush and paint the entire photo.

With the graduated filter, I would start to the right of the photo and drag to the right a bit more, so that the filter affects the whole photo:

lightroom graduated filter

Here is a video with more information on how to use the adjustment brush in Lightroom, and another video on how to use the graduated filter.

In my next post I will show you how you can use this concept to add section title slides to your slide shows! (Hint: the first step is to make some photo virtual copies completely white or black.)



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