Oct 182011

Ever loved a photo you took, but threw it away because it was blurry due to camera shake?  Well, stop doing that!!

Adobe demonstrated its new Photoshop technology for removing camera-shake blur from photos at Adobe Max 2011.  Will this make it into Photoshop CS6?  I have absolutely no idea.  They even qualify this by saying that it may or may not make it into a future version.   All I know that when they started demonstrating Content Aware Fill, it made it into the next Photoshop version.

Adobe demonstrates Photoshop image deblurring

Every time I start to think that it may be time to stop upgrading Photoshop, something mind-blowing comes along.

Here’s the Adobe video of this exciting image deblurring technology.

Here’s another cool demo, particularly for those who hate to keyword: new technology that searches for similar photos based on content.


  6 Responses to “Adobe Demonstrates Their New Photoshop Image Deblurring Technology, and More”

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  2. Holy cow! I just deleted a whole bunch of blurry images! Is this used only on images blurred from camera shake or does it correct out of focus?


  3. The comment on the post mentions “….because it was out of focus.” From what I can tell, the Adobe de-blurring technology works with unsharp images due to camera movement only, NOT out of focus images. They are two totally different situations.

    • You’re right, Bill, it does seem that it is just for camera shake. I have updated the post to reflect this. Thanks.

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