Sep 252011

This Lightroom video tutorial is the 5th of 37 on my DVD.  It covers how to add photos to Lightroom that are already on your hard drive, and also how to add new photos from memory cards.

I have debated whether to post it, because there is some context missing that is covered in previous videos on the DVD —  on how Lightroom works with a catalog and what importing really means, and on how you should organize photos on your hard drive.  Here is an article I wrote explaining how Lightroom works with a catalog and what importing means.

As far as where to put your photos and how to organize them on your hard drive, suffice it to say for this blog post that the default location for new photos coming from a memory card is your Pictures folder (which is inside your Username folder inside your Users folder on your internal hard drive).  This is not a bad choice for beginners.  For organization, I generally recommend date folders (renamed to also include a shoot description) within year folders, within a master folder (such as Pictures).

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  4 Responses to “Video Tutorial for Beginners: Importing Photos into Lightroom”

  1. I asked a question 9-29-2011 about doing a clean install on my MacBookPro and what to do with LR3 to deactive or?

    • Hi Bernie, here’s the reply I posted yesterday on the page where the questions were:
      “Hi Bernie, thanks for your purchase — your DVD is on its way. No worries — Lightroom doesn’t need deactivating like Photoshop does. I think its restriction is on number of copies in use, or something like that. I have replaced two machines with no problems.”

      • By the way, if you ever want to get back to that page to watch more videos, just enter your email address again… it is a hidden page. 🙂

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