Aug 152011

I highly recommend to Lightroom users that you learn at least a handful of Lightroom shortcuts.  They can greatly improve the efficiency of your workflow and make using Lightroom more pleasant.

In any module you can get a close-to-complete list of shortcuts by going to Help>… Module Shortcuts.    Because this can be kind of overwhelming,  here is a PDF of my favorite shortcuts.  After opening the file, right-click on it and choose Save As, to save it to your computer.


  5 Responses to “Free PDF of My Favorite Lightroom Shortcuts”

  1. Thank you. And I appreciate your new web site design.

  2. Great list, thanks. I’ll add some of these to my daily workflow.

    Two shortcuts I use very frequently are

    Cntrl + ‘ on PC to create a virtual copy. (I assume Mac is Cmd + ‘ )

    J to toggle the Over/Under Exposure warning for highlights/shadows in Develop Module, generating red and blue masks.

  3. An interesting, usefull tool. Having a better understanding “of bit debth”.
    In Photoshop, the higher the bitrate, 8-16-32-64, allow less settings. Are we talking about the same thing as raw 8-12-14-16?
    I am looking forward to your “Favorite Lightroom shortcuts”.
    Thanks for your knowledge and enthusiasm

    • Yes, bit depth refers to the same thing, Daniel. It is true that fewer PS features support higher bit depth files. That of course doesn’t mean that higher bit depth files aren’t superior — you just have to compromise to use those PS features.

  4. Printed and being memorized. Thank you for the shortcut list. Greatly appreciated and so useful!


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