Feb 262010

Many photographers like to rename their original image files.  I personally don’t — I look to the folder name and image keywords I have applied to tell me about a photo rather than the file name, so the camera-generated file name is fine for me.  There is no right or wrong on this — I suggest that you come up with a system that makes sense for you, and most importantly, stick with it for consistency.

Even if you don’t rename your originals, you may still find that you want to rename copies that you export for email, Shutterfly, Zenfolio, etc…

I have produced a short video to show you the basics of how to set up and apply a filename template that you can use to rename your files, whether during import, after import in the library module, or during export.

Click HERE to watch the video.  Note that in the video when I show the template editor drop-down list, Edit is cut off — but it is the last choice.

One note on export:  if you have arranged your images in the Library module in any other order other than filename and you want to preserve that order upon export (for example you want them to show up on Shutterfly in that order), make sequence number your first field in your renaming template.


  11 Responses to “Renaming Your Photos in Lightroom”

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  2. […] not going to go into how to use the template editor here, but I do have a video on using it  HERE.   It’s an old one, so (a) it uses Lightroom 2, but there have been no changes, and (b) […]

  3. Thanks!!!! So helpful.

  4. Laura, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! I just came across your video, and this is going to save me so much time. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Still helpful. I usually rename on import, but needed to now how to remove untitled-originalfilenumber. So still serving your photog friends a year later, THANK YOU!

  6. Very good and helpful…
    I usually rename on import too, but sometimes forget to change the text… this does it perfectly… thank you.

  7. Thank you! The explanation for creating custom names for pictures was very helpful!

  8. Laura, what happened to the File Renaming panel in the Import Dialog Box? It’s gone! Don’t see anywhere to set that as a Preference. I used to set the Shoot Name there. Now I have to rename all my photos after an Import. Did I miss something?


    • It’s only available when you choose Copy in the top center (or Move, Copy as DNG) – not Add. If not there when you choose Copy, right-click on another header in that area and select it.

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