Oct 142009

Could you keep working?  If the hard drive was fried, would you lose everything?

This happened to me yesterday morning.  I don’t know what the problem is yet — I dropped the tower  off today at a repair shop.  In the meantime, I’m not in too bad a shape — for the most part I work off an external hard drive (actually a drobo).  It has my images, and both professional and personal documents.  I also have another backup offsite. 

Unfortunately I had been meaning to transfer my latest working documents from my messy desktop to the external drive, but hadn’t gotten around to it.  They may not be lost, but that teaches me to keep that desktop clean, or specifically backed up.

Here’s the one thing that I really goofed on — a few months ago I went through all my CD’s and got rid of old software.  Because I had bought the Office 2007 upgrade, I got rid of Office 2003.   Now I need Office on my laptop, but I can’t install the 2007 upgrade, because I have to have 2003 installed first!  Ouch. 

So learn from my experiences, before it happens to you!  Backup completely and often, and don’t get rid of software that you have recently purchased the upgrades for!


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  1. One solution that seems to be under appreciated by photographers is Windows Home Server. Through the connector that runs on each PC, you backup each night. It does a clever image based back up where you can get the whole disk back or just individual files. It is how backups should be – convenient and hassle free.

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