Apr 082009

Need to produce a print of a specific size, like 5″x7″?  These are most likely not the proportions of your original image, so somewhere in your workflow you will need to crop the image to these proportions.

You could use the crop overlay tool in the Develop module to get the proportions and then go to the Print module to print, but I like this alternative better:

In the Print module:

  • Turn on Zoom to Fill and Rotate to Fit in Image Settings
  • In Layout, set the Cell Size to 5″x7″.    If your image is of different proportions, part of the image now necessarily doesn’t show and won’t print.
  • Click inside your image and drag to specify what part of your image you want to print.  (This is the part I love!)
  • Now print as usual.

  4 Responses to “Cropping Your Image for Print”

  1. “click inside your image,”

    This just moves the print around on the layout grid, but doesn’t change the field of view. Is there a preferences option or such that I’m missing? Thanks

  2. Can one print to file from here? I’d want to save to a file (typically JPG) to have printed elsewhere

    • Hi Gene, if it is just a photo and not a layout with more than a photo, I would instead crop to the proportions you need in the Develop module, and then export a JPEG.

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