Dec 102008

I have written about moving your Lightroom work from your laptop to your desktop (or any two computers) here. This involves exporting your work on the laptop as a catalog, then importing it into your desktop catalog.

Sometimes though you may want to simply move your catalog. Mine was initially on an external hard drive; I then decided to move it to my internal C: drive because it would read and write faster.

The first step in doing this is finding out where it is stored currently.

  • In Lightroom go to Edit>Catalog Settings on the PC, or Lightroom>Catalog Settings on the Mac.
  • In the General Tab, the location of your catalog is shown.
  • Click on the Show button to open up a Mac Finder or Windows Explorer window with this catalog folder highlighted.

Finding Your Catalog Using the Catalog Settings Dialog

  • Close Lightroom.
  • Next, open up a second Windows Explorer or Finder window (Mac: File>New Finder Window; Windows 7: right-click on the folder icon in your task bar, choose Windows Explorer) ; navigate to where you want to put your catalog folder, and then drag the Lightroom Catalog folder from its current location in the first window to its new location in the second window.
  • Double-click on the .lrcat file within this catalog folder, to launch Lightroom with this catalog.
  • Lightroom will open, recognizing the new location of your catalog.
  • Go to Edit (Lightroom on the Mac)>Preferences, General tab, and where it says “When starting up use this catalog”, choose this one.




  13 Responses to “How to Move Your Lightroom Catalog”

  1. […] If you are not sure where your catalog is, or you know where it is and you want to move it, see this post on how to do […]

  2. Great tip. I didn’t know I had my catalogue in a stupid place…and with a stupid name!
    Now I have catalogue and photos in one place, easy to understand, easy to copy to laptop, easy to backup.
    Sorted – many thanks.

  3. hi laura
    i have tried this, copying the catalog file from the external hard drive where it was, onto my laptop hard drive. i can open the catalog file which is on the laptop and see all the previews, etc fine. but if i go to develop, say, it says that the image file is missing. so the new catalog file is not seeing all the original images that are still on the external drive. how do i get round this?

  4. Hi David, I’m not sure why LR lost the connection to the images, but see this post for how to reestablish it:

  5. Thanks very much Laura – that has solved it! Knowing to right click on a question mark and click ‘find missing file’ is great to know.

    • Except if you don’t know where the image is, or your dealing with LOTs of question marks. But I haven’t read the link yet, so maybe that will be addressed.

      I’m think Lr should, somehow, be able to find images that got disconnected.

  6. I am switching from a PC to a Mac. I need to switch everything over to the new computer. At first I was thinking I could just copy my Lightroom File to the new computer along with all of the photo files, load the photos into Lightroom, double click on the LRCAT file and I would be in business. Now I don’t think so. Can you help?

    • Hi Rob, I apologize that I didn’t see this question sooner. This is on my list of blog posts to do soon, but basically, that is almost it. As you have probably discovered though, moving the catalog and launching it worked perfectly, but moving your photos probably resulted in Lightroom losing track of them. If so, right-click on your highest level folder and choose Find Missing Folder, and show Lightroom where it now exists.

      Because I will be writing a post, do let me know how your experience went.

  7. Hello Laura,

    Love your site, just came apon this discussion and thought Id give it a shot asking on here..
    I have just installed a NAS RAID server to backup my Lightroom photos and archive my RAW files. Problem is, I havent found a way (if there is one) to make Lightroom pull the LRCAT from a network device. When I follow your steps (of which I tried similarly before) It tells me;

    “Lightroom cannot open the catolog named ‘Lightroom 3 Catalog’ located on network volume \Myserverexample’ Lightroom catalogs can not be opened on network volumes, removable storage or read only volumes.”

    I have tried for a while to make a workaround, like mirroring the My Pictures on my main workstation, but if I could have my catalog on my NAS Server I could use my MacBook Pro with the same catalog.

    Thanks for your time, and your site


    • Thank you, Drew. Unfortunately this is an easy one to answer — your catalog can’t go on a network drive. I haven’t followed work-arounds, but the moderators over at know everything. :-)

  8. I moved my photos to an external hard drive as I was out of space on my laptop. Now the name of the catalog appears at the top of the Lightroom display. How do I remove it or is it okay?

    • Hi Michele, the catalog name will always show there, unless you hit “F” for full screen to hide it. Hit “F” a couple more times to get it back.

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