Oct 292008

Scrubby sliders are one of Photoshop’s great time saving features that you may not discover on your own. In many places in Photoshop, when you click and drag left or right on the name of a numeric setting, it adjusts the setting down or up — with no need to go into drop down boxes or to type in numbers. As an example, you may have worked with layer opacity, a setting in the layers palette that allows you to reduce the strength or opacity of a layer. The slow way to adjust the opacity is to click on the right facing drop down arrow to the right of 100%, and then adjust the slider that appears:

Drop down opacity slider - the slow way

Drop down opacity slider - the slow way

Th quick way is to click on the word Opacity and drag the slider to the left to reduce it. Notice that as soon as you hover the mouse over the word, a hand with a double arrow appears … this is your indication that a scrubby slider is present:

Another scrubby slider is found up in the options bar for the text tool. You can type in the font size, or instead, click on the Tt symbol to the left of the size and drag!

Set text size with the scrubby slider.

Set text size with the scrubby slider.

You will find many scrubby sliders in numeric options for your tools. Look for them everywhere!


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